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VPN browser Online privacy seems to be becoming increasingly important to more people. This makes sense because more and more stories are being published in which


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Free VPN Services VS Paid VPN Services

If you are not yet familiar with what a VPN is , that is no problem. We have made this website to familiarize you with what exactly VPN is and how it helps you to use the internet more safely and with more privacy. As a matching service we have a comparison tool that compares the various VPN services for important features. We help people in the UK choose between the different VPN services that are available. For example, we have made a list with the best VPN services .

VPN stands for virtual private network. This network simply consists of a client device, for example your laptop or telephone, and a server. The traffic that is sent between the server and the client is encrypted and nobody else can use it. Think for example of your provider, the government, hackers or other parties who would like to monitor what you send and receive.

Secure yourself and bypass blockages

With the VPN services that we mainly talk about on Free-VPN.co.uk, the servers mainly serve to send the internet use that you use encrypted to you. This ensures that your identity remains hidden, but it also makes it seem that you are in another country. The latter is super handy, for example, if you want to watch a missed broadcast abroad or watch BBC iplayer in the UK . So you can bypass country blockades on the internet.

Lately there have been enough privacy scandals in which it is painfully clear how your data is being handled. Consider, for example, the revelations about the NSA and the commercial companies that sold data from citizens. As a result, people have started to think about their own privacy and how they can protect it on the internet. A VPN service can really offer a solution here. Because you use the internet from a different ip address, it is virtually impossible to link you to a certain site visit or other activity on the internet.

In addition, there is also the danger of public WiFi networks. These networks are known to be easy to hack, which means that third parties can be exactly what websites you visit, what you do there and with a lot of bad luck they can even get sensitive information. Because a VPN connection is encrypted, this danger is completely eliminated when using such a service.

Reviews and descriptions per VPN service

It is difficult to see the forest for the trees when it comes to choosing a particular provider. That is why we have decided to share our experiences with the various services. In addition, you also find objective information about the different providers, for example, we describe which protocols are supported, what the support for Android and Iphones is and what privacy policies the services have.

We also give the providers a final rating. So you can see that ExpressVPN , NordVPN and Private Internet Access rank high according to our standards. The figures are based on a number of benchmarks, namely: speed, user-friendliness, the price and reliability.

Reviews and descriptions per VPN service

On our website you will find various informative articles about the operation of Free VPN services and the associated features. We also have a clear overview and reviews of vpn providers . With these reviews it should be a lot easier to find the right VPN service.

For questions you can always ask your question under each article and we, or other visitors to the website, will try to answer as clearly as possible.