Windscribe Review

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Speed - 7/10
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Price - 7/10
Reliability - 8/10

Features Windscribe

Windscribe focuses on people who want to use a properly functioning VPN service in an easy way. You can clearly see this in the easy-to-use software for the different operating systems. They also have a good browser extension for Chrome and add-on for Firefox with which you can easily make a VPN connection from the browser to a server of Windscribe VPN.

In addition, Windscribe VPN is known for offering a very attractive free VPN subscription . Even though this free subscription has its limitations, it is still much better than the other free VPN subscriptions that are available.

In this Windscribe review you will find all important information about Windscribe VPN and discover what our experiences are. On the basis of this information you will be able to decide whether this VPN provider is suitable for your wishes and requirements.


With the paid subscription you currently have access to servers in 60 countries. Within these countries, the servers are distributed across multiple data centers in different cities. The advantage of this is that in the event that a data center fails, another server is always available in that country.

These countries are spread all over the world, there are several servers in every continent. This means that you can find a server reasonably close by all over the world. This means that you should have a good speed everywhere with the VPN connection from Windscribe. You will find more information about the speed in this article.

In addition, Windscribe itself indicates that it is open to suggestions regarding locations for new servers. When you as a customer indicate that you would like to have a VPN server in a particular country, the VPN service looks at the options for getting a server there.

Windscribe on different devices

Windscribe VPN has developed its own apps for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. You can install this on the intended device such as your iPhone or Windows computer. This software works easily and speaks for itself. Below you see screenshots of the software on the different operating systems.

A big plus of Windscribe is that you can make an unlimited number of connections at the same time with 1 subscription. This means that you can use a VPN connection on 1 subscription with an unlimited number of devices at the same time.

Nowadays, the software for Windscribe is also available in English. This is very useful for people who value it and / or are not very good at English.

Windows and MacOS

We have installed the software for both Windows and MacOS for this Windscribe review. In short, we find the client to work well and have few frills. Moreover, in our opinion it looks good and sleek, but that is of course a matter of taste. Below you can see a screenshot of the Windows client with the settings menu open.

If you switch on the firewall, all internet traffic will be blocked when the VPN connection is broken, this is actually a kill switch. You will also see the preference screen where you can set certain things such as automatic start-up and automatic connection.

The software for MacOS looks about the same and has the same options as the Windows client. As mentioned, we are very pleased with the software of both MacOS and Windows.

Linux and Windscribe VPN

An easy-to-install client has also been created for the well-known Linux distributions Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentOS. This also makes it easy for Linux users among us to use Windscribe. We have used the Ubuntu version for this review of Windscribe VPN and can say that we are very satisfied with it.

iPhone and iPad app

As mentioned, there is an app for iOS, the operating system used for the iPhone and iPAd . The app is easy to install via the Apple app store. You can also easily get here via the website of the Windscribe VPN.

The app looks easy and is also easy to use. During review our experience with the iOS app was good, it remained connected and worked intuitively.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions or add-ons are also available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. With these add-ons for your browser you can ensure that all traffic in your browser goes through a VPN connection. This is, for example, ideal for people who want to surf anonymously but where the rest of the internet traffic does not have to be connected over a secure connection.

The extensions are easy to download from the website. The installation actually goes without saying, the extension is added to your browser and you can easily switch it on and off. Below you can see a screenshot of the Chrome extension in operation.

Windscribe Chrome extension


Windscribe has also recently created an app for Android. This was of course high time because a self-respecting VPN service should definitely have an Android. The new app works very well but is very basic. There is little to set. however, for most people this will be more than satisfactory. From the reviews in the play store, it also seems that other users are very happy with the Android app. Our experience with the Windscribe Android app is very positive.

Below you see 2 screenshots of what the Android app looks like. In the first screenshot there is no VPN connection yet and in the 2nd screenshot you can see what the app looks like when a VPN connection is active. You can also immediately see how well-arranged the app is, as you can see, choosing a location is very easy.

Active VPN connection Android with Windscribe VPN

If you want to use a more extensive Android VPN app, there are fortunately enough alternatives. Recommended include ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access and NordVPN .

Privacy and security

Windscribe uses it according to many very secure OpenVPN protocol. This is an open source protocol and it has been found that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to crack. The encryption used for VPN connections is AES 256, which emphasizes once again how important they consider the security of their service. Moreover, all IPv6 requests are blocked, this prevents leaks from occurring. In addition, there is also DNS leak protection, which is important for a VPN client.

The service indicates that they log certain things from their users. For example, they log how much data has been used per subscriber, this is important because they also offer a free variant of the service with a data limit. They indicate that they do not log anything that has to do with your internet use such as websites that you visit or when and for how long you use the VPN connection.

Windscribe VPN indicates that they think it is important that the internet should be free and anonymous. In addition, they also have an ad blocker built into the browser extension. This adblocker works very well by the way and is an additional sign that the privacy and security of the users of Windscribe are well protected.

Kill switch

Windscribe VPN has also built a kill switch function on the Windows and MacOS. This prevents data from being sent and received from and to your computer when the VPN connection is broken. In our view, this is an important function and therefore it weighs heavily in this review.


ROBERT is a new feature that has recently been added to Windscribe VPN. It stands for “Remote Omnidirectional Badware Eliminating Robotic Tool”, a big mouthful. It ensures that domains from which advertisements, trackers, and malware come are blocked.

Many websites load external advertisements and trackers without your knowledge. ROBERT therefore ensures that these domains with trackers and advertisements are no longer loaded. The well-known domains that spread malware and / or cause phishing and botnets are also blocked.

Of course we tested this option during this Windscribe review. It turned out that the most annoying advertisements were indeed blocked. We have also been able to conclude after some research that far fewer third party cookies are stored.

Speed ​​and stability

During this review we also tested the speed of Windscribe. We can immediately say that the speed is in order, this used to be different. The speed has really improved considerably last year. We kept 10 Mbps from our speed. If speed is really the most important thing, we recommend using your  ExpressVPN  . It should be noted that the speed with the free version was a lot worse, this is probably because the free servers have too many users at the same time.

We also achieved a very good speed when downloading larger files, ideal if you want to download films, for example. We have tested this on multiple servers and can safely say that the speed is now in good order with Windscribe. After our big test of VPN speeds, it even turned out that Windscribe deserves a place on our list of fastest VPNs .

The stability was also fine. We have not experienced any broken connections, so the connection to the VPN server remained very stable.

Static IP with port forwarding

As with some other VPN providers, with Windscribe it is possible to request a static IP. One option that Windscribe offers that most providers with a static IP do not offer is the possibility to forward port. This can be very attractive if, for example, you want to access your home-based NAS from another location while the NAS is connected to a VPN from Windscribe.

The cost for a static IP is $ 2.00 if you find an IP address from a data center sufficient. If you want a static consumer IP address, you pay $ 8.00 per month for that IP address.

Scribe force

Windscribe also has the option to use it as a business VPN . This option is called Scribeforce within Windscribe. You pay a fixed amount per month per user, this is lower than a separate Windscribe account for each team member separately. In addition, the advantage is that there is a central invoice and that static IP addresses can be distributed among your team.

Bittorrent and Windscribe

With Windscribe, downloading torrent on the vast majority of servers is simply permitted. In the software you will see the p2p icon with a cross through it at the some locations that are available. These are the servers that you may not use for Torrenting.

You can download torrents on the vast majority of Windscribe servers. You can also use the VPN service for downloading from Usenet . Windscribe is therefore very suitable for downloading via torrent.

Netflix and Windscribe

Netflix tries to block people who connect to the service via a VPN. This is because a VPN connection is  the way to watch foreign versions of Netflix. Netflix is ​​actively trying to prevent this. Some VPN providers are actively trying to ensure that Netflix works through their network. On this page (click) you can see which VPN services work well with Netflix. We also regularly update the VPN services that work with Netflix on that page.

Of course we also checked whether Netflix still works with a Windscribe. We noticed that you cannot use Netflix with the free subscription. But with the premium subscription gives you access to more VPN servers where watching Netflix or works with. These servers are called “winflix” in the software. With Windscribe you can watch the American Netflix while you are in the UK. There are even special winflix servers available in Japan, Canada, United Kingdom and of course America. You can receive the Netflix from all those countries.

With a static IP, watching Netflix also works well in our experience. So you can opt for a static residential IP address from America with which you can watch the American Netflix.

Costs Windscribe

The costs for this VPN are relatively high compared to the prices of other VPN providers. The paid version generally costs $ 9 per month. You can get a discount on that monthly amount. Namely, when you take out an annual subscription you pay $ 4.08 per month.

There is also the option to compile an entire subscription yourself. Here, for example, it is possible to add a static IP. Then the costs depend on the options that you choose for your VPN subscription.

Below you can see a screenshot of the page with the prices of Windscribe.

With the paid VPN subscription that you can buy  you will of course get access to all functions of Windscribe. You also get access to the browser extensions from Windscribe, which also has a built-in very good ad blocker.

Free subscription

Windscribe VPN also offers a free subscription. As with the other free VPN services, there are limitations. The biggest limitation on the free VPN subscription of Windscribe VPN is that you have a data limit of 10 gigabytes per month, which is a lot compared to other free VPN subscriptions, this is the reason that Windscribe is number 1 on our list of best free VPN providers.

Another limitation of the free subscription is that you only get access to 10 different VPN servers with the free subscription. The servers that are available to people who use Windscribe for free are generally busy. You notice this at a lower speed compared to the paid servers. But the speed is still OK even with the free subscription.

Conclusion, our experience with Windscribe

Windscribe is a relatively expensive VPN service. For that money you can expect a good VPN service. We have learned that Windscribe is doing well. During this Windscribe review we noticed that the client software from this provider works well and works easily. We have also noticed that Windscribe is not very fast and stable, something that is very important when using a VPN connection.

The privacy and security seems to be in order with Windscribe, an important point for a VPN service. A disadvantage that we can mention regarding privacy is that this company operates from the United States. It is known that the privacy rules there are not beneficial for people who want to be as anonymous as possible.

The extra option that the browser extension has an ad blocker also appeals to us very much. This function of Windscribe VPN also seems to work extremely well. All in all, we can definitely recommend Windscribe VPN.