VPN costs, what is the price for a VPN connection?

You will normally have to pay a subscription fee to use a VPN connection . The different VPN providers often ask different prices or have a different structure in the prices. Discover how the VPN costs are built up and what the price is of the top rated VPN providers on the market.

Cost of popular VPN services

To give you an immediate idea of ​​the different costs, you will find below a table with a number of popular VPN services and the associated starting price. The list is sorted by the score that we have given the various VPN services in the various VPN reviews that we have published.

How to watch the free Formula 1 streams with a VPN

$ 6.67
$ 2.75
$ 2.99
$ 1.99
Private Internet Access (PIA)
$ 3.49
$ 6.49

Price per month, but paid in advance

The prices of a VPN subscription are usually shown per month, this is also the case on this site. You often see a starting price. This means that there are also other prices for the same service. This is because the VPN providers offer the possibility to pay for a VPN subscription in advance in one go for a specific time. You can read how this works out below.

In most cases, when you choose to take out a subscription for a longer period of time, the subscription costs converted per month will then be lower. It is true that you pay the full amount in advance in one installment for the term you choose. The longer the term you choose to pay in advance, the lower the converted monthly price will be. With most VPN providers, the most advantageous period is 2 or 3 years.

VPNs without costs, the free subscriptions

There are also VPN providers without subscription costs. These are the services that offer a free VPN connection. That these “free” VPN providers are available is of course very attractive. However, these are always solutions with certain limitations and / or major disadvantages.

Data limit

In most cases, a data limit has been set for the free VPN subscriptions. This means that you can only use a certain number of Gigabytes per month. If you then want to make unlimited use of that VPN service, you will have to switch to the paid version of the VPN service in question.

You pay in a different way

There is also a free VPN solution for your browser that you can use for free without a data limit. This is Hola VPN . However, it is known that that party, in our opinion, is very unethical with you as a user. For example, in some cases the internet connection of those who use Hola for free is made available to users of a paid VPN service that Hola also offers another name. In addition, it is very much the question what Hola VPN does with your data.

What does the price say about the quality of the VPN

The cost of a certain VPN does not in principle say much about the quality of the VPN service. For example, there is NordVPN that is relatively cheap, but also offers a very good VPN service. And on the other hand, you have Avast Secureline that we believe performs poorly and is also above average expensive.

Our advice is actually not to let your choice depend on the costs for the VPN. You can easily agree a maximum monthly price with yourself, but we advise you not to automatically opt for the cheapest VPN. You can best look at the features of the different VPN services and make your choice based on them. You can always choose to opt for an affordable VPN. We have made a page where you can find the best cheap VPN providers together, so you will find high quality VPN providers with low prices.

What does VPN cost?

So you can say that a VPN costs an average of $ 3 per month. Depending on the requirements you set for a VPN, the price is cheaper or more expensive than this average price. Moreover, it must be kept in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean better and that cheaper does not necessarily mean poor quality.

Are the VPN costs worth it?

As you can see, the monthly costs for using a VPN connection are between $ 2.00 and $ 6.00 per month at the time of writing. Depending on the reason why you use a VPN, we think this is well worth the money. The biggest reasons to buy a VPN are:

  • More privacy online
  • Bypass geographic blockades
  • Protection against hackers and other malicious parties

A VPN greatly helps to achieve the above. That is why we think that the VPN costs mentioned are reasonable to pay.