VPN for Kodi, the best choice and setup

Best VPN for Kodi

We will first list the best VPNs we believe for Kodi. Below you can read what the options are and what options you have if you want to stream content via Kodi via a VPN connection.

In particular, we have made sure that the VPNs are fast enough to stream videos, this prevents annoying buffer moments. We also looked at the ease of use. You will find below VPN providers with a clear manual on the website for setting up a Kodi add-on for connecting to their VPN servers.

ExpressVPN very suitable for Kodi

ExpressVPN is really ideal for streaming videos due to the high speed. As mentioned, this makes for the best viewing experience because buffering is not necessary. In addition, they have very good privacy regulations, because they do not keep logs. The latter is especially important for those who want to use a VPN to protect privacy.

This service is ideal if you are running Kodi on a Windows, Mac or Android device. You can then first connect the standard VPN client software from ExpressVPN to a VPN server and then start Kodi. This VPN software makes it easy to switch between location. Moreover, the software has a kill switch, which ensures that all internet traffic is blocked as soon as the VPN connection is lost. In this way your privacy remains well protected.

It is also possible to use the Kodi OpenVPN add-on in combination with ExpressVPN. You can find more information about Kodi in combination with ExpressVPN after you click on the button below. 

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CyberGhost with extensive explanation for Kodi

This VPN service has received more attention for people who want to use a VPN for Kodi. This can be seen on the CyberGhost website; there you will find extensive manuals for using Kodi and Openelec via a VPN connection from CyberGhost. They have even made a tool available on the website that creates a configuration file with which you can easily set up the VPN connection for OpenElec. After creating the configuration file you can load it into your Kodi or Openelec installation and you no longer have to manually set the OpenVPN add-on for Kodi, the configuration file does that.

You will also find information about the best settings when you need to know how to best set the standard CyberGhost software client for use with Kodi. This is done in a very easy to understand way.

The CyberGhost connections are perfectly suited for use in combination with Kodi. That means that the speeds are high enough to stream full-HD videos, you can also read this in our CyberGhost review .

Another aspect that many Kodi users will appreciate is that the subscription costs with CyberGhost are remarkably low. 

IPVanish special attention for Kodi OpenVPN add-on

IPVanish is one of the few VPN services with a very clear explanation on their website that explains how to set up the OpenVPN add-on to use the IPVanish servers. The explanation consists of a few clearly explained steps.

So if you want to use a special VPN service because you want to use it in combination with Kodi, IPVanish is a good choice. 

Set up VPN for Kodi with the software from the VPN provider

When you have a subscription with a VPN service you can actually always download a client from the service that makes it easy to set up a VPN connection. This is easy-to-use software that makes the connection. When you do that, all internet traffic from that device passes over the encrypted network, including the internet traffic that Kodi uses.

How the connection works depends on the client software that VPN provider has supplied. But you can assume that with all the software that is provided by the different services it is easy to set up a connection in this way. It can be useful to ensure that your kill switch function is switched on. Then you are sure that if the VPN connection is lost, you will block your internet traffic and you will not accidentally view your standard internet connection content.

Openvpn add-on for Kodi and Openelec

The top option is the most easy to use. But when, for example, you use Openelec on a Raspberry Pi or other hardware, you cannot download a standard client for the relevant operating systems from the various VPN providers. Then you are dependent on an alternative solution, luckily there is an easy solution. Because all services actually support the OpenVPN protocol , you can use the OpenVPN addon that is available for Kodi. This is a VPN manager within kodi with which you can connect to an OpenVPN server.

The VPN manager can be found in the summerboard repo. The zomboided VPN manager is the most popular VPN manager for within Kodi.

Note that you cannot use other protocols with the OpenVPN app from Kodi, IPsec or PPTP, for example, do not work. It is therefore important that you use this method to choose a VPN service that supports the OpenVPN protocol. As mentioned, most VPN services do this.

You can simply download and install this addon within the Kodi environment. You can then easily set different VPN connections in the addon, for example per country. It is then easy to choose within Kodi or Openelec through which VPN server you want Kodi’s internet traffic to go.

Why use Kodi via VPN connection?

It is of course also possible to stream content on Kodi without VPN. There is only the possibility that you will encounter 2 problems when you do this.

Geographically blocked content

Many online streams have geographical limitations. This means that certain content can only be seen in certain countries or parts of the world.

For example, it is not possible to watch Hulu in the UK without a VPN connection, the same applies to BBC iPlayer and NPO broadcast missed . This is possible with a VPN. For the aforementioned online services there is an addon available for Kodi. But you do have to be connected to the right country via a VPN to enjoy the addons available for the streaming services on Kodi.

Fine for download

If you plan to watch illegal streams via Kodi via, for example, the Popcorn Time network, there is a chance that you will receive a download fine . To prevent this, it is also wise to use a VPN for Kodi. This way you prevent Kodi fines.

Kodi Android app via VPN

Kodi is of course also available for Android in the form of an app. It is logical that you also want to use Kodi in that app via a VPN connection. For example, to bypass geographic blockades. Or simply because you do not want your provider to be able to see what you are looking at.

Fortunately it is easy to get done. You need a VPN account with a VPN provider and the corresponding app for Android. You connect to the VPN server of your choice in the VPN app. Then you open the Kodi app on Android and you connect to a VPN server of your choice. You are currently using Kodi on your Android tablet or telephone via a VPN connection.

There are of course also Android TV boxes on the market where many people install Kodi to stream videos. If you want Kodi to run on your Android box via a VPN connection, it works the same as on a smartphone. You simply install the app from your VPN provider and connect to the VPN server. You can then start Kodi and use Kodi via a VPN.

With a router with VPN support

There are also routers that have installed vpn client software. This makes it possible to make a VPN connection from your router to your provider. This ensures that all devices that use the router with VPN client use the internet via the VPN connection. Routers that support this are, for example, routers with the DD-WRT firmware installed. Routers are also available that already have VPN support from the factory. You can find a number on our page with VPN routers .

This can be an ideal solution if you want all your devices connected via a VPN connection. The devices where Kodi is used within that network will therefore also use the encrypted anonymous connection that has been set up for internet access. A disadvantage can be that it takes more effort if you want to change server because, for example, you want to bypass a geographical blockade in another country.

Free VPNs for Kodi

Kodi is free to use and that is a big reason for many people to listen to movies, TV and music through Kodi. As soon as you want to start using a VPN you will find that in most cases you will have to pay for a VPN subscription. Because many people use Kodi precisely because it is free, it is of course unfortunate to pay for your VPN.

The bad news, however, is that there are no good free VPN subscriptions . As you can be through the link, there are free VPN subscriptions, but they all have a data limit. This is of course awkward for use within Kodi, the streaming of video simply consumes a lot of data.

Conclusion Kodi with VPN

There are many add-ons for Kodi that stream content from the internet. Think for example of Netflix, TV streams, music services and so on. If you want to bypass a geographical blockade or simply do not want other parties to watch your internet activity, a VPN service is a good solution.

To make use of this within Kodi is very easy because of the different possibilities to connect to a VPN network. The methods described above are all free and easy to put into practice. Regarding the choice of which VPN provider to use, we recommend that you choose one of the top VPNs for Kodi.