Watch Formula 1 for free via VPN

To watch Formula 1 in the UK with English commentary you need a subscription with Ziggo. The Ziggo Sport channel broadcasts every training, qualification and race live. But not everyone has Ziggo and just buying a Ziggo subscription for the Formula 1 might be a bit exaggerated. Fortunately there are also foreign broadcasters who broadcast the Formula 1 races for free via internet streams. You can only follow these streams in the country for which the stream is intended. On this page, however, you will discover how you can bypass the geographic blockades of these streams with a VPN and thus watch the races for free.

Where can you find the free Formula 1 streams?

As far as we know, there are currently 2 legal free streams available with a language that most English people understand. We will regularly update this list. You can find live streams of the Formula 1 races with the following broadcasters:

  • Channel 4 from the United Kingdom. This stream is provided with English commentary and commercial breaks regularly pass by during the race
  • from Germany. So here you will find every Formula 1 race with German commentary. There are also regular advertisements in between the race.

How to watch the free Formula 1 streams with a VPN

Normally it is not possible to open the above streams in the UK. This has to do with the fact that the aforementioned broadcasters have built in a regional block. This means that you can only open the stream in the country from which the stream is offered. Such a region blockade can be bypassed with a VPN connection .

During a VPN connection, it looks like the location of the VPN server that you are connected to is the location for the websites you visit and the online apps that you use. This means that, for example, if you choose “London” as the location, for the streaming service it looks like you’re in England. You can then follow the live stream of the Formula 1 race via Channel 4.

Best VPNs for watching the Formula 1 streams online

A good VPN for watching the Formula 1 streams must meet a number of conditions. These are mainly the following conditions:

  • Enough servers in the country from where you can follow the stream. This means that this location is always available to connect to.
  • Good speed, a video stream requires a lot of data and you don’t want it to stutter or the image quality to be disappointing.
  • The VPN must have developed software for the device on which you want to watch the Formula 1 stream.

Based on these requirements and on the basis of our general quality requirements, which you can also find on our page with best VPNs , we have made a list of the best VPNs for watching Formula 1 via the aforementioned online streams.


ExpressVPN is number 1 in this list for various reasons. For example, ExpressVPN has a large number of servers spread around the world, which is a great advantage if you want to bypass the geographical blockades of different countries. In addition, the speeds with the different VPN servers are stable and very fast, they score high on the list of fastest VPNs for good reason . And there are also apps available for all known operating systems so that you can follow the Formula 1 stream of your choice on any device.

ExpressVPN is a bit on the expensive side compared to other VPN providers. We think it is more than worth the price if you regularly use the VPN connection for, for example, anonymous surfing . If you are only looking for a VPN for watching Formula 1, the price may be a bit too high and you can opt for NordVPN which is below and is cheaper.


NordVPN is a VPN service that is enjoying increasing brand awareness due to the large marketing campaign that they carry out. But in addition to that marketing campaign, they have actually made a very good and now great VPN service. NordVPN is also ideal for watching the free Formula 1 streams that are available.

There is a large server network available all over the world and the connections to these VPN servers are always stable and fast enough to watch the streams in high quality. For all devices where you want to watch the Formula 1 race, NordVPN has developed an app so that you can easily follow the Formula 1 stream online.

The price of NordVPN is a lot lower than ExpressVPN while it works just fine or just as well for watching Formula 1.

Step by step watch Formula 1 via the VPN

It may sound difficult to view via a VPN connection, but in practice it is very easy to do. This works as follows:

  1. On the device where you want to watch the Formula 1 race, you start the VPN app from the provider that you have chosen.
  2. Then choose in the VPN app for the country where the live stream of the Formula 1 race is broadcast. For example the United Kingdom. This looks like this for ExpressVPN (currently connected to the UK, in the right screen you can choose another location):

3. After you double click on a location, a connection is automatically made to that location. So if you choose the country where the Formula 1 stream is broadcast, it is possible to watch the free Formula 1 streams of your choice. You then bypass the geographic blockade.

Watch the Formula 1 race live with Ziggo Go from abroad

Even when you are on vacation and already have a Ziggo subscription, you can be faced with a nasty surprise. It is not self-evident that you can watch Ziggo Go from abroad . That is of course a shame because every Formula 1 race can in principle be watched live via Ziggo Go.

Fortunately, the use of a VPN connection is also the solution here. It is then only a matter of connecting to a English VPN server and then opening Ziggo Go. Then it is possible to follow the Formula 1 race stream live from abroad.