VPN browser

Online privacy seems to be becoming increasingly important to more people. This makes sense because more and more stories are being published in which commercial companies use people’s data to enrich themselves. That is why we explain on this page how a VPN browser helps to protect your privacy and what solutions there are when you search for a VPN browser.

With a VPN functionality in the browser you actually ensure that all traffic that passes through the browser goes through an encrypted VPN connection . This has a number of advantages with regard to your privacy, namely:

  • The website you visit cannot see your real IP address, so you are more anonymous.
  • The connection between your browser and the VPN server is encrypted. Your internet provider or other parties cannot see which websites you visit .
  • Many VPN browser extensions also have an ad blocker so that you immediately ensure that advertising networks can no longer follow you online.
  • And as an extra, you can still view geographically blocked content. Consider, for example, NPO, Videoland, Netflix and other online streaming services.

VPN extension or browser with built-in VPN

There are in fact 2 ways to get a VPN browser. There are browsers with a built-in VPN service and there is the option of adding an extension or add-on to Chrome or Firefox and thus adding VPN functionality to the browser that you are already using.

We prefer to use a VPN extension if you want the VPN functionality. A browser with a built-in VPN has the disadvantage that only 1 VPN service is available. While with Chrome and Firefox you really have a choice of dozens of VPN services. This way you can choose the VPN provider that suits you best. You also have the option of using these VPN providers on your other devices such as your phone.

List of browsers with VPN functionality

Below you really see the list with in our opinion the possibilities to use a VPN connection in your browser.

NordVPN as a browser extension

NordVPN is a reliable VPN service that can be found in the top 3 of best VPNs for good reason. The extension for both Chrome and the add-on for Firefox works very well and contains a number of useful functions.

In the browser version of NordVPN you will find the possibility to disable WebRTC, this is a protocol that can accidentally cause your real IP address to be leaked. In addition, there is also a good ad-blocker available that is called Cybersec by NordVPN. By switching on you will see fewer advertisements online but also the advertising networks will be blocked so that they cannot follow you online.

As the extension looks in Chrome

In addition, the use of the NordVPN extension on both Chrome and Firefox is easy and well-arranged. For convenience, you can simply click on “quick connect” to quickly create a VPN connection with the most optimal location. In addition, you can also choose a specific location, useful if, for example, you want to bypass a geographical location.

Windscribe VPN as a browser extension

Another good extension for your browser is Windscribe VPN . Windscribe is a VPN that is also available in the form of a Chrome VPN extension or Firefox VPN add-on . The great thing about this service is that they offer a very good free VPN package, even if you are looking for a browser VPN.

Windscribe extension in Chrome

Just like with other “free” VPN providers, there are always a number of limitations. This is also the case with Windscribe which you can use perfectly as a browser VPN. The biggest limitation of the free subscription is that you have a data limit of 10GB. This is probably more than enough if you occasionally use the VPN connection in your browser when you want to use the internet safely and anonymously . The data limit of 10 GB per month does mean that this free VPN extension is not always sufficient for the browsers. For example when you want to use it for streaming videos.

Opera browser with built-in VPN

Opera is a browser that has been around for many years. Opera has now developed to such an extent that a free VPN functionality has also been added. In the browser you therefore have the option of using a VPN connection as standard. This is in itself a very nice offer and has therefore received a lot of attention.

Appearance of VPN functionality from Opera browser VPN

When you are looking for a browser with VPN to be able to use the internet safely from time to time; for example on public WiFi networks, then Opera in combination with the VPN functionality can be a very good solution. However, the biggest advantage of this service is that it is completely free, so you can use the VPN functionality completely free of charge. However, the VPN service has a few drawbacks that we should really mention:

  • At the locations you can only choose for: Europe, North & South America or Asia. So there are 3 choices and these are not specific countries. We have therefore noticed that the speed of the internet is considerably lower. This is because you cannot choose a location that is really close by. In addition, with this limitation, you cannot really bypass geographic blockades.
  • The way the data is encrypted is also unclear, some even say that the Opera VPN is more a proxy than a VPN. If you are looking for a VPN to really protect your data, it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at a VPN service that meets this requirement and also offers browser extensions.
  • It is not allowed to download torrents via the VPN connection of the Opera browser. Moreover, there is much uncertainty about the encryption of the Opera VPN. And so it is questionable whether it would have been useful to download torrents via these VPN servers.

VPN browser on Android and iOS

We know that there are no browsers with built-in VPN functionality for the smartphone systems of Android and iOS (iPhone). Fortunately, it is possible to send and receive all internet traffic from your smartphone via a VPN connection. This is possible with a regular VPN app.

If you want to know which VPN fits best on your Android or iOS device, then Lee provides information on this page about the best VPNs for Android and on this page the best VPNs for your iPhone . If you are connected to a VPN server on your telephone via a VPN app, all internet traffic that you send and receive via the browser goes via the VPN connection. That way your smartphone browser also has a VPN.