TunnelBear Review

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Speed - 7/10
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Price - 7/10
Reliability - 7/10

Features TunnelBear

TunnelBear is known for the good free option that this VPN service offers. Moreover, the design of the website and the software is in a striking and fun theme. In this Tunnelbear review you discover our experiences with this VPN service and you can decide whether Tunnelbear meets your requirements and wishes.

In addition to the fun theme, the service they offer is good. The privacy policy is clear and credible and suitable for people who value privacy. In addition, the connections seem stable and work well and you can read more about this further in this review.

Our review with this service is further described in the review below. Based on our extensive review period, we can provide a clear assessment of the operation and properties of Tunnelbear VPN and you can decide whether this VPN service meets your wishes and requirements.

TunnelBear Servers

Tunnelbear currently has servers in 22 different countries. This number is not very large, a service such as NordVPN really has many more locations to which you can connect. However, at Tunnelbear you will find all countries where you might want to see geographically blocked content, but they do have a server. For example, with TunnelBear BBC iPlayer you can look in the UK because they have servers in the United Kingdom. They also have servers in the United States and the UK that enable you to watch geographically blocked content from America. And the servers in the UK ensure that you can continue to watch English TV during your stay abroad .

In addition to the small number of locations that are available The number of servers is, as said, somewhat small compared to other VPN providers that have written a review about it. This could be a problem if you want to watch a English TV show from abroad but the Tunnelbear servers in the UK are too busy or offline. Fortunately, additional servers have been added in recent months so that this scenario is very unlikely.

TunnelBear software and app

They are also known for the easy-to-use software that they have made. Anyone can use this service without any technical knowledge, even if you know less about technology.

Below you will find some screenshots in which you can see that the theme is also reflected in the software and apps.

Windows and Mac

The software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Apple computers looks the same. In the software the theme of Tunnelbear is really well carried through and we find that very nice and original. Moreover, the software works really well and intuitively. Below you see a screenshot of the screen with which you can determine with which location you want to set up a VPN connection.

Choose Tunnelbear server on Windows

Despite the fact that the Tunnelbear is very user-friendly, it is also a good VPN service for the slightly more demanding user. For example, in the settings menu you will find options such as a kill switch, automatic start-up and connection and adding trusted networks. All in all a very complete VPN app for Windows and Mac OS X.

Nice to know is that the Tunnelbear software for Windows and Mac chooses which protocol will be used. The options that exist are that IKEv2 or OpenVPN is chosen. The software does this based on which protocol responds faster.

TunnelBear on Android and iPhone

During our review of the TunnelBear apps for the Iphone and Android phones, we found everything to work easily and well. It works naturally and is clear in what exactly happened and can be set. These apps can of course also be used for the iPad and Android tablets.

Select tunnel location on Android

Also on Android and iOS, Tunnelbear decides which VPN protocol will be used for the VPN connection . OpenVPN is used as standard on Android and IKEv2 is used for the iOS devices iPhone and iPad.

Other equipment

Good to know is that Tunnelbear supports the OpenVPN protocol that it is possible to use Tunnelbear on a range of devices. OpenVPN is open source and is therefore supported on many devices. Setting up may be a bit more complicated on other operating systems, but it is possible.

In this way you can also use Tunnelbear on your Linux computer, DD-WRT routers, Tomato router, Openelec and much more. The advantage of setting up Tunnelbear on your router is that all devices in your network use the internet via a VPN. This makes it possible, for example, to let your Chromecast, Apple TV or smart TV use a VPN connection.

Automatic connection at start-up

The TunnelBear software has the option to make a connection automatically when you start your computer. This is very safe, especially when you are always working outdoors with your laptop or on vacation. In addition, TunnelBear also has a kill switch option, which prevents internet traffic when no connection can be made with the VPN server. TunnelBear calls this option vigilant.

This option is not yet available for Android and Iphone, we think this is a great pity and a missed opportunity. It is of course true that your telephone is usually switched on. So if you want to use your VPN connection continuously, you can simply leave the app on connect.

Tunnelbear Chrome extension

If you only want to use Tunnelbear for safe surfing, a browser extension is a great solution. In this way you ensure that only internet traffic that is encrypted via your browser and via the VPN connection. Please note that when you use the browser extension, your other internet traffic will be sent and received unencrypted.

The great thing about this Chrome extension is that, unlike other VPN services, you don’t have to install the standard software to use the Chrome VPN extension. This means that you can also use the service on a Chromebook, which is normally a lot more difficult. Tunnelbear is therefore a good option if you are considering a VPN especially for Chrome .

Tunnelbear has developed an easy Chrome extension that you can easily install through the Chrome Web Store. This service is also free to use for interested users.

Privacy and security

The standard encryption used on the standard OpenVPN connection with TunnelBear is the 128bit encryption. Even though 256bit encryption is even stronger, with the 128bit version it is still virtually impossible to break the encryption. Moreover, the speed is slightly higher because less has to be calculated.

The privacy conditions that TunnelBear itself has published on its website leave nothing unclear. We like to read a transparent privacy policy, which is not the case with every VPN service. It is clear and clear which data is and which data is not saved. For example, it can be read that credit card transactions have been saved, but this is done to prevent credit card fraud. They also clearly state that they do not store any data that has to do with the use of the service: they do not save which websites you visit or when you use the VPN connection.

The TunnelBear vpn service also uses the shared ip principle. This means that multiple users use the same endpoint ip. This is the ip address with which you communicate with the rest of the internet. This means that it is actually impossible to trace who received what information when it becomes clear who used the end point at the same time.

All this together gives us the impression and experience that Tunnelbear is particularly reliable when it comes to privacy and security.

Speed ​​and stability of connections

The speed of the Tunnelbear VPN connections is average. The connections are fast enough for anonymous surfing on the internet , but if you want to stream a lot of videos it sometimes feels slow and you have to buffer for a long time, for example.

During our test, the experience of speed is therefore sufficient. If speed is really important to you, it is better to search through another provider, ExpressVPN is highly recommended.

The stability of the connections with Tunnelbear servers is really good. We have never experienced a connection being interrupted or faltering.

Something that is a disadvantage of Tunnelbear is that it is virtually impossible to use the VPN connections in China. China is actively trying to block VPN connections. Many VPN services are, however, far out of step with this measure and work normally in China, but Tunnelbear does not seem to succeed.

Torrent download policy TunnelBear

As you can read, we think TunnelBear’s privacy policy is very good and reliable. And recently Tunnelbear has also been allowed to download Torrents. Where this was previously prohibited, it now appears that it is possible on the Tunnelbear VPN network.

Tunnelbear used to get many complaints from content providers (video, software, music etc producers). They then made the choice to block torrent traffic. Now this blockade appears to be undone again.

Given the speed of the different VPN servers that we have tested, you can use the service to download Torrents.

Watch Netflix via Tunnelbear

Many people purchase a VPN to watch geographically blocked content. Especially watching the American Netflix abroad is interesting, since there are more and more series to watch than in the UK.

However, Netflix tries to block people who use a VPN service on their platform. Tunnelbear appears to be unable to bypass the Netflix blockade. This means that with a Tunnelbear connection after America you cannot watch the American Netflix in the UK at the time of writing. Netflix from other countries also doesn’t seem to work. For example if you want to look at the English-language offer of Netflix from abroad.

Netflix and Tunnelbear is therefore not a good combination. We have published a special page where you can see what suitable Netflix VPNs are.

TunnelBear price

The following prices are used for the paid Tunnelbear subscription.

So if you want to use Tunnelbear regularly, you will have to take out a paid subscription. You can choose whether you take out a subscription that you pay per month, per year or per 2 years The subscription that you take out per year is converted cheaper than the subscription that you pay per month, the subscription that you take out for 2 years has been converted even cheaper. The costs of this VPN service are above average, to our taste it is actually too expensive for what you get.

Another disadvantage with regard to the price is that you cannot pay with Paypal or iDeal. You therefore need a credit card or Bitcoin to pay.

Tunnelbear free subscription

Tunnelbear is popular, among other things, because they offer the possibility to use this VPN service for free. That is also 1 of the reasons why Windscribe is  so popular. The free variant of this service does of course have a limitation, you can use a maximum of 500mb with the free service .

The free service is also ideal if you want to test if you like Tunnelbear. The free Tunnelbear subscription is called little by the VPN service. We consider offering a service for free with every review a plus, so this also applies to TunnelBear.

The name for this free variant of Tunnelbear is Tunnelbear Free and you can simply find it via the link above.

Conclusion, Tunnelbear experiences

TunnelBear is a VPN service that is easy to use; software is available for the frequently used operating systems and and mobile devices. The service meets the security requirements that we set, OpenVPN and IPSec are available with strong encryption. The privacy policy is solidly formulated and this is also clearly communicated on the website.

It is nice that there is a (limited) free subscription. In this way interested parties can easily experience what it is like to use a VPN, before we have written this review we have used it.

During our review period of this service, we have at least gained a positive experience with Tunnelbear. The service was reliable and fast enough for a great internet experience. In our opinion the price is a bit too high for what you get for these costs.