Topguard Review

From $ 6.67 a month

Speed - 8/10
Usability - 6/10
Price - 6/10
Reliability - 8/10



  • Software for: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux
  • Protocols: IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP
  • Pay with: Ideal, Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin, PaySafeCard
  • Max simultaneous connections: 5
  • Country of residence: United States
  • Log policy: no logs


Torguard is a VPN service that focuses primarily on Bittorrent downloaders. They do this by offering Torrent downloads on all servers by offering Socks5 proxies and on all servers. They also have, for example, a tool on the website that checks whether your ip address is really hidden, you can check this by downloading a torrent from them.

The VPN connections with Torguard can be established with different protocols. OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and IPsec are supported by this VPN service.

Furthermore, the service itself indicates that they do not keep logs of their users at all. Ideal for people who want to use a VPN service for privacy, which of course torrent downloaders want.

Read on below for an extensive review of Torguard. You discover what our experiences with this VPN are during our extensive tests.


Torguard has more than 3000 in 55 countries. This is a good number of servers spread over quite a few countries compared to other VPN services. What positively surprised us during this review is that the service also has servers in countries where you cannot use servers with other providers. Consider, for example, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Vietnam and a number of other countries.

Dedicated IP address

It is possible to purchase a dedicated IP address from Torguard. This is interesting for people who need to whitelist their IP addresses to access certain services online. Even if you want to open your home network only to certain IP addresses, this is a very interesting option.

Use of Torguard

Since 2018, Torguard has had software for all known operating systems. Previously there was only a VPN software client for Windows. They have since improved that and you can download a software client for iPhone (iOS), Android, Linux and Windows device. With such a VPN client you can easily set the settings for the VPN and you can easily connect to your VPN server of your choice.

Torguard on windows

For MacOS , software has also been developed that is very similar to the Windows version. Simple but the functions you see on it all work great and simple. A major lack in the MacOS application is the lack of a kill switch. On the Torguard website you can find an explanation how to install a script that functions as a kill switch, but that is of course far from ideala.

Torguard on your mobile

As said: Torguard recently also has applications for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Just like the Windows client, these apps are very basix, but simply work properly. It is already a significant advance from Torguard that there are applications for the mobile operating systems.

Torguard in the browser

Torguard has made an extension of the browser for Firefox and Chrome. With this extension for Chrome and add-on for Firefox it is possible to use or control VPN connections from the browser. With these browser extensions you can choose a location and easily connect to a Torguard VPN server and disconnect.

Privacy and security Torguard

As the name suggests, TorGuard is made with the bitorrent downloaders in mind, it is a true torrent VPN . This immediately implies that proper account must be taken of the associated privacy and security. After all, you do not want parties to be able to see that torrent content is being downloaded or uploaded from your ip address. We have specially made a page that explains what a VPN is and how it works.

The privacy measures are therefore good. No logs are kept, neither from regular internet traffic nor from download traffic. The payment details are kept, but because there is the possibility to pay with Bitcoin, this can also be relatively anonymous and difficult to link to the customer.

The technical aspect of security is also well put together. The 256-AES or 128 bits are used. There are stronger encryptions but for the downloader or internet user this is more than sufficient. Stronger encryption can also negatively influence the speed.

Special VPN service for Torrent users

Let’s face it, there is a large group of people who use the Bittorrent protocol to download content. This can be both legal and illegal. In any case, it is nobody else’s business to gain insight into what you are downloading, anonymous downloading is a right in our eyes. This service is also perfect for watching Popcorn Time that also uses the Torrent protocol.

In addition to the standard VPN connection with some packages, Torguard also offers a special anonymous BitTorrent proxy. In the well-known Torrent client’s (uTorrent, Vuze etc) you can set that you want to use these proxys. Your traffic will then be sent over 40 different servers and it is virtually impossible to trace back to you. For this review, Torguard downloaded an Ubuntu installation iso via torrent and this went very quickly and easily.

Below you can see how to set the Torguard bittorrent proxy for the different clients.

Speed ​​Torguard VPN

The speed of the Torguard network is very good. We have conducted different tests from different countries. That the speed is good is of course important for those who want to use the connection in particular for downloads and uploads.

You can find the fastest connection yourself by connecting to the different servers and then doing a speed test.

Bittorrent and Torguard

As the name suggests, Torguard is very well suited to download via Bittorrent. As mentioned, the service does not keep logs and the torrent protocol over the servers is of course allowed. The speed is also excellent, something that is of course very important when downloading and uploading.


Torguard also has the option of running your torrent traffic through a Socks5 proxy. With the Socks5 proxies from Torguard, your download is arranged over as many as 200 IPs in 6 different countries.

Netflix and Torguard

Torguard tries in its own way to bypass the VPN blockages. Some time ago Torguard decided that they would not constantly change the shared IP addresses. They have chosen to issue dedicated IP addresses to their users. You pay extra for this, but it is one of the most sustainable methods to watch American Netflix without having to be blocked time after time. At least that is the theory.

Our experience with Torguard in combination with Netflix is ​​that it does not always work, even with a dedicated IP address. The customer service from Torguard could not help us with that either. This is actually very bad, especially when you consider that we have paid for that extra IP address.

So bypassing the Netflix VPN block with Torguard does not work (properly). If you are looking for a VPN service with which you can watch the American Netflix in the UK, think of ExpressVPN for example .

Torguard costs

The prices are very similar to the prices than other VPN providers. The structure of prices is also about the same: for the longer you purchase a subscription directly, the lower the price of the subscription becomes. For example, when you take out a 1-year subscription, an amount of $ 4.99 per month is paid. We think this is a high price for an average VPN service like Torguard.

Below you can see a screenshot of the Torguard website with an overview of the prices including the corresponding prices.

In addition to the VPN service that is offered, there are also other services that are offered. For example, there is an anonymous proxy service and an anonymous mail service that are also offered by the same company. Separate costs are charged for this.

You can request a dedicated IP for a considerable extra price, so you will always be able to make a VPN server connection with the same IP address. This way you can, for example, whitelist an IP address of the service so that you can have access via a VPN connection in, for example, a server.

Conclusion, our Torguard experience

Torguard seems to offer a real serious VPN service after major changes in recent months. For example, they have purchased a large number of additional servers. Software and apps are also available for the most common operating systems. And all this can be done extra securely through a firewall and / or SSH tunnels. We tested all of this during our review and it all worked well.

In addition, no-log policy exists at the server. This partly explains the name tor in the name of the service. Namely, they want maximum protection for those who, for example, download the Bittorrent protocol content.