Surfshark review

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Speed - 9.5/10
Usability - 8/10
Price - 7.9/10
Reliability - 8/10

Features Surfshark

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN service that focuses on speed and privacy of its users. These are exactly the features that we value in a VPN service. The service operates under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands, emphasizing the focus on privacy.

In this Surfshark review you discover how the VPN service scores on these and other points. And you can also read what our general experience is with this Surfshark VPN. We can already reveal that we are very pleased with this VPN service, which is why it is also in our list of best VPN providers .

Surfshark servers

Because Surfshark is a relatively new VPN provider, it is to be expected that the number of servers in comparison with other VPN providers is still somewhat small. At Surfshark, however, that seems so bad. Surfshark now has more than 800 servers in more than 50 countries. In some countries there are multiple locations where the servers are located. In total there are 80 locations that you can connect to.

What is also striking about this is that these countries are also well distributed on the different continents. You will also find servers in Africa and South America, continents where VPN servers are not often found at other VPN providers. This means that a VPN server is geographically nearby in many places around the world. This is in most cases conducive to the speed of the VPN connection.

Another added advantage is that you can view geographically blocked content from many different countries from the UK or any other random country. For example, you can watch BBC iPlayer from the UK and it is possible to use the NPO app abroad .

Use surf shark

Surfshark has developed an application for the most commonly used devices and operating systems. The software for the various operating systems is characterized by the sleek and minimal layout that has been used. The layout appeals to us very much, we think minimalism creates clarity. Our experience with the design of Surfshark is therefore very positive.

Windows and MacOS

At the time of writing, the Windows VPN software is in the second version. This version is an improvement on the previous version that was there for Windows. The design looks newer and the different options are easier to find. The MacOS software for Surfshark has also been updated and looks similar.

We were unable to find any instability in the Windows and MacOS client of Surfshark VPN. The options that are available are easy to find and easy to set. On the side of the program you can see the different options:

  • Surfshark: under this heading you can see the current status of the VPN connection . You can easily connect by clicking on quick connect. If you want to connect to a certain location you can do that too. See the first screenshot below for what this looks like.
  • Locations: under locations you will find all locations where Surfshark has VPN servers. You can easily choose here which location you want to connect to.
  • Cleanweb: this option is the ad blocker of Surfshark. With this you block well-known advertising networks, trackers and malware.
  • Whitelister: set which applications and / or web pages should not use the VPN connection. This means that the programs that choose here use the standard internet connection.
  • Multihop: this is a VPN over VPN option. This means that you first connect to a certain VPN server and that this server again establishes a VPN connection with a 2nd VPN server. After this, your traffic will continue unencrypted. This is an additional safety.
  • Settings: here you will find different connection and advanced options. Here you can, for example, set your protocol and choose whether you want to use the kill switch.

Switching the server is very well-organized. Simply click on the flag at the bottom of the Surfshark application screen and you will see an overview of all available locations. You then click on the location of your choice to connect to a VPN at the location of your choice.


The Surfshark app for Android has the same minimal design as the apps for the other operating systems. Like the other Surfshark software, this ensures that it is easy and clear to use. There is a simple button with which you can connect to a VPN server. In addition, it is easy to choose your location and you can block advertisements and trackers on your device, just like on the other applications.

Below you will find three screenshots that we made during our review period. Our experience with the Surfshark software is excellent, everything worked quickly and properly. The app for Android from Surfshark is also great to use for an Android TV.

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

A well-functioning app is also available for iOS, the operating system of iPhones and iPads. This app also has the same design that you will find in the Windows and Android app. It’s nice that the application looks the same everywhere so that you never have to search for certain functions. Also connecting and using the VPN connection is easy via this app.

A difference between the iOS app and the Android app is that the iOS does have a kill switch option. With Android, Surfshark uses the standard kill switch function of the Android operating system. Surfshark is therefore a very good iPad and iPhone VPN .

Browser addons and extensions

There is also a possibility to install Surfshark in a Firefox and Chrome browser. This allows you to use a VPN connection in your browser without installing the software on your computer. You can then easily use the internet anonymously in the browser.

Also in the browser addons and extensions they have extended the minimal design. You can easily enable or disable certain security options in the extension and addon. Choosing your location is also easy with the Firefox browser addon and the VPN Chrome extension from Surfshark.

Surfshark connections via the router

With a VPN router it is also possible to let all your internet traffic go through a VPN. On the Surfshark website you will find installation manuals for different routers. These manuals are easy and clear to follow.

An advantage of a router that connects to a VPN server is that devices that normally cannot make a VPN connection or are connected via a VPN. Consider for example a smart TV and Apple TV. This makes it possible to view geographically blocked content on these devices.


Software has also been developed for the popular Linux distributions. An installation package is available on the Surfshark website. On the Surfshark website you will find a clear manual on how to install the software.

Once installed, a connection can be made to a VPN server from Surfshark in the terminal. So there is not (yet) a good looking graphic client available. The options of the Linux client are limited compared to the Windows and MacOS client.

Watch Netflix with Surfshark VPN

On the Surfhark website you can watch the different Netflix libraries from different countries via Surfshark 1 of the showpieces. We have put the test to the test; we tested whether we could indeed view the Netflix offer from all those different countries. We were positively surprised when it turned out that it was indeed possible to view the Netflix offer from the following countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • India
  • Korea
  • Turkey

You can see that they even ensure that you can watch the English Netflix offer. This is a nice extra if you are on vacation or on a business trip. We have checked with Surfshark how it is possible that they can unlock so many countries. The answer we received is that an entire team is actively working to ensure that all these Netflix versions are accessible to customers.

Surfshark VPN seems like a good Netflix VPN . And certainly for the price that they charge is a very good deal. Most VPN providers where Netflix works so flawlessly are in most cases more expensive.

Unlimited number of simultaneous connections

Surfshark gives you as one of the few VPN providers the possibility to simultaneously connect with 1 subscription with an unlimited number of devices to a VPN server within the network. Normally there is a maximum of 3 to 6 simultaneous VPN connections with 1 subscription.

Surfshark has therefore chosen that with 1 subscription you can connect to an VPN server with an unlimited number of devices. Another VPN service that also offers this is GOOSE VPN .

If you want to share a VPN subscription, Surfshark is therefore extremely suitable. However, Surfshark cannot guarantee that it will always remain that you can make an unlimited number of VPN connections on 1 subscription.

Privacy and security

As you can read above, Surfshark VPN focuses on privacy and security. Fortunately, this is also reflected in the software and the VPN protocols that are used. For example, OpenVPN is used as standard on Windows and Android and the IKEv2 protocol is used on Mac devices such as iPhones and Macbooks. Both protocols are known for their good encryption.

In addition, Surfshark itself indicates that no logs are kept of its users. This means that there is no data available about you even though they are being searched for. Another major privacy benefit is the fact that Surfshark falls under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands. This is a country where privacy is guaranteed, there are no agreements between the country and other countries to exchange information. The jurisdiction is well chosen with an eye to privacy.

Kill switch

Various options are also available in the software that reinforce security and privacy. With a kill switch all internet traffic is blocked when the VPN connection is interrupted for whatever reason. The kill switch function is available on the Windows and iOS applications. Within Android, Surfshark VPN app relies on the kill switch function that is built into Android.


Surfshark’s VPN software also includes an option called “Cleanweb”. This is an adblocker, tracker blocker and malware blocker function. When you enable this option, all known tracking, malware and advertising services will be blocked. This blocking happens at network level, contact between your device and relevant services is simply blocked so that they do not end up on your device.


Multihop allows you to connect to the internet via 2 VPN servers. Your internet traffic first goes via an encrypted connection to server 1, then it is encrypted again and goes to VPN server 2. In this way you protect your privacy and identity even better. NordVPN also offers the same functionality.

Speed ​​and stability

According to Surfshark 1, good speed is one of their highest priorities. They try to achieve this, according to their own words, by developing good servers and optimally developing the software. We have of course tested this.

Without a VPN connection we get a download of 251.8 Mbps, a upload of 37.2 Mbps and a ping of 4 ms. With a VPN connection from Surfshark to a VPN server in Amsterdam, we will get 196.1 Mbps download and 35.4 Mbps upload and a 6 ms ping. Download speed in particular is really good. The upload and the ping are also good, but still a bit lower than that of ExpressVPN . All in all, the speed is really good and a good place in the list of fastest VPNs isearned.

We must honestly say that the speed felt good while surfing. It was as if the data did not have to be sent and received via a separate server. This is always a big plus in our VPN reviews. This is also due to the low ping (delay) of 6ms via the Surfshark VPN server. This waiting time or ping largely determines how fast the internet feels.

The stability of the connection also appears to be in very good order. The connection was not interrupted once during our test period and we never noticed that there was an instability in the connection.

Surfshark costs

Surfshark uses a pricing like many other VPN providers that we have written a review about. This means that the longer the subscription that you purchase, the lower the price per month. The costs of Surfshark have gone down considerably in the past period, the costs can be called low. In comparison, the prices per period are comparable with the prices of, for example, NordVPN. Below you can see a screenshot of prices for Surfshark as they currently are.

So when you take out a 1-month subscription, you have by far the most lost, namely $ 11.95 per month. When you immediately take out a 2-year subscription, you only pay $ 1.99 per month. In the period that we tested Surfshark for this review, our experience is that the price is very reasonable for the quality that is delivered.

The price quality ratio of Surfshark is therefore in order. It can rightly be called a cheap VPN . With a Surfshark account you have a great VPN connection for a very competitive price.

Money back guarantee period of 30 days

Surfshark offers a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you find out within 30 days that Surfshark does not suit you well, you can simply reclaim your money. We have tested this and we have noticed that reclaiming money is easy. The money was in our account again very quickly.

Conclusion, our experience with Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN service that looks promising. The connections are fast and the privacy and security seem to be in order. In addition, the costs for Surfshark are very reasonable. For a low monthly fee you can secure your internet connection, your privacy is also protected and you can easily bypass geographic blockades.

All in all, we think that Surfshark comes out really well from this review. Our experience during the test period was very positive. In the future, we will regularly test Surfshark and implement any deteriorations, adjustments and improvements in this review.