SaferVPN Review

From $ 3.29 a month

Speed - 6/10
Usability - 9/10
Price - 6/10
Reliability - 8/10



  • Software for: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2
  • Pay with: Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Max simultaneous connections: 5
  • Country of residence: Israel
  • Log policy: no logs

Features SaferVPN

The VPN service SaferVPN is fast becoming a good VPN provider. The provider is known for the fact that they have a VPN server in places all over the world. These are often locations where other VPN services do not have servers. This makes the VPN service attractive to a specific audience, people who cannot find a server at the right location with another VPN provider might find it at SaferVPN.

Discover below in the extensive SaferVPN review what our experience is with this VPN provider.

Servers and locations

As mentioned, SaferVPN has a beautiful and unique distribution of VPN servers throughout the world. They also have VPN servers in locations that other VPN services often do not offer. Consider, for example, South Africa, Brazil, India, New Zealand and Australia. For example, if you want to view geographically blocked content from those regions, that is a bonus.

Even when you are in 1 of these countries, it is nice to have a VPN server nearby, because of the better speed that can be achieved. The closer a server is geographically close, the higher the speeds of your VPN connection will be.

Nevertheless, the total server number and the number of locations that are available is somewhat limited. There are only 34 countries where you can find a server. In these countries there is a total of more than 700 servers.

Software and apps

SaferVPN has developed a client for the most used devices and operating systems. All these software and apps look slick and work well, a lot of time and effort has been put into the development of the software for the different platforms. The interface looks simple while there are enough options to set up the software in a way that you want.

Mac computers

With some VPN providers, the VPN software for MacOS  computers leaves something to be desired. This is not the case with SaferVPN. The Mac software works perfectly, as our tests showed during the SaferVPN review period. In addition, the Mac client also has the option to start automatically when you start your Macbook or iMac, something that we sometimes miss with other VPN services.


The Windows software also looks great as you can in the screenshots below. You can easily choose the location of a VPN server and then click on connect. All this works easily and well.

Easily choose and connect location

The more advanced settings can be found in the menu. During all our reviews we look at what can be set and at SaferVPN this is good for each other. You cannot set as much as for example with AirVPN, but for the vast majority of users the standard settings are good. But if you still want to use a different protocol, you can easily adjust this with SaferVPN. Below you can see a screenshot that we made during our SaferVPN review of the settings menu.

The settings menu is also neat and well-arranged. Anyone who wants to adjust something can easily do this in this settings menu. All in all, the VPN software for Windows from SaferVPN is fine.


Buffered VPN has since released an app for Android. Where you used to get going with the OpenVPN Connect app, there is now an app developed by Buffered. The Android application looks good, but does not seem to work well in practice.

During our test we often had some connection problems; connections often dropped out and were not stable. We also read in other user experiences that they suffer from this instability.

A big plus that we encountered during this SaferVPN review is that the Android client also has a kill switch. This is something that mobile apps from other VPN services sometimes lack.

iPhone & iPad

The app for iOS SaferVPN also has the same look & feel as the rest of the software. The app works exactly as the Android app works. Using a VPN on your iPad or iPhone makes SaferVPN a piece of cake. The iOS app also has a kill switch function.

Chrome and Firefox extension for SaferVPN

If you only want to use a VPN while surfing, there is the handy Chrome and / or Firefox extension. This is an extension that you can install in the browser that you use. This is useful when, for example, you want to surf anonymously or you want to arrange your banking affairs in a safe manner. This extension can also be useful if you want to quickly change location, for example, to view the American Netflix in your browser .

If you want true complete security, we recommend that you use the entire client for your operating system. This simply ensures that all your internet traffic goes through a SaferVPN server. Moreover, the use of the client on Windows or Mac computers is also very simple and good.

Explanation for router

On the website of SaferVPN there is a clear explanation about how you can set up a router as a VPN client. With this explanation you can connect your router to a VPn server from SaferVPN. This ensures that all internet traffic that goes through the router goes through a VPN server. In this way, all your internet traffic from home is encrypted and secured.

Incidentally, setting up a router as a VPN client is not possible on all routers. Well-known firmware that makes this possible is for example DD-WRT and Tomato.

Speed ​​and stability SaferVPN

For this review we also extensively tested the speed of SaferVPN. Because all internet traffic goes through a VPN server, the server can have a negative influence on your internet speed. If the server can deliver less speed than your internet connection can handle, you will notice this while surfing. It is therefore important that a VPN provider pays sufficient attention to this, for example by using a server with a lot of bandwidth and not allowing too many users to use 1 VPN server.

We test speed in all our VPN reviews with our internet connection of 60 Mbit / s. By checking which speed remains when we are connected to a SaferVPN server, we can determine whether the speed is sufficient. We have opted for a server that is close by to reach the maximum speed. With our connection to SaferVPN’s VPN server in Amsterdam, we achieved a speed of 35 Mbit / s. We find this result somewhat disappointing, but the speed is basically great if you just want to surf. For a fast VPN service it is best to check our list of the fastest VPN providers.

The stability of the connection has proved to be good. During our test period the connection did not drop out, so this is a good experience.

Privacy and security

To our pleasure, Netflix worked great via a Buffered VPN connection. This means that you can view the contents of the American Netflix via the American server of Buffered VPN. This is interesting because the offer there is much larger.

As we explain on our VPN for Netflix page, you should always bear in mind that Netflix also detects this VPN service and will therefore block it. In most cases this is a cat and mouse game, as soon as Netflix blocks Buffered VPN, Buffered will try to find a way around the blockage.


The price for using SaferVPN is high compared to other VPN services. You can take out a subscription for different periods. The longer the subscription that you take out, the cheaper the price per month will be. Below you can see the prices per month for the different subscriptions.

  • 1 month subscription costs $ 12.95 per month
  • 12 months will cost you $ 5.49 per month
  • 24 months will cost you $ 3.29 per month
  • 36 months will cost you $ 2.50 per month

We do not consider these prices justified if you compare them with quality services. In our eyes, you can get a better service such as NordVPN for approximately equivalent prices .

30 day money back period

SaferVPN fortunately has a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that you can reclaim your money within 30 days after taking out a subscription. In theory it is therefore possible to try the SaferVPN for 30 days free of charge before you make the choice to use it permanently or not.

Download with SaferVPN

Many people use a VPN  to download anonymously . In most cases this is done via torrent or Usenet. With SaferVPN this is all possible and is therefore possible. A disadvantage in our experience with SaferVPN is that the speed is disappointing during the download. Certainly with the download of large files you naturally want you to get a good speed to download a file as quickly as possible.


If you want to prevent you from  receiving fines for downloading , downloading via a VPN server is the solution. The organizations that issue a possible fine for the torrent download cannot see that your ip address has downloaded a certain file. Once you are connected to a SaferVPN server, your IP address is hidden from the outside world and you can safely use your programs such as uTorrent or another torrent.

What should be noted is that torrents can only be downloaded via the English, Spanish and Canadian servers. If you are not in the vicinity of 1 of these countries, it may be that you are not achieving the optimum speed, which is a shame.

Popcorn Time

The popular illegal service for watching movies and series Popcorn Time works via the bitcoin protocol. Hiding your IP with this service is therefore a good way to watch popcorn time safely. Here too it applies that it will only work via a server in the UK, torrent traffic is only permitted via the servers in the UK.

Conclusion, experience with SaferVPN

The network of servers of SaferVPN is very extensive, they have servers where other VPN services do not. For some people this can really be a big plus. The SaferVPN software looks the same on all devices and works well on all devices.

A disadvantage of SaferVPN is the speed of the connections that were made during our review period, this was low. What some people will also find unfortunate is that you can only download torrents via English servers. Another disadvantage is that we think the price is very high, certainly compared to other VPN providers that score better for a lower amount.

All in all, our experience with SaferVPN is positive, but there are plenty of other VPN services that offer an equivalent or better VPN service for lower prices.