Watch Netflix via VPN, the American Netflix in the UK

15-08-2019 update: ExpressVPN works with Netflix. 
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The range of American Netflix is ​​many times greater than that in the UK. Fortunately, you can easily access this Netflix USA with a VPN connection. This is possible because with a VPN you can make it appear as if you are in a different location. By changing your location to an American location, it seems to Netflix that you are in America, so you can watch the series and films that are available in America. This is therefore possible with the Netflix subscription that you already have, you do not need a subscription from another country.

If you connect to a VPN server, all your internet traffic is routed through that server. This makes it seem to Netflix (and all other online services that you use) as if you are at the location of the VPN server. When you are connected to an American server, Netflix therefore thinks that you are in America at that moment. As a result, the offer that is normally only available in the United States is also available to you.

This method also works when you want to watch geographically blocked films and series from other countries. On this page you will discover what the best Netflix VPNs are.

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Netflix and VPN, cat and mouse

Netflix tries to block people who connect to the service via a VPN. Fortunately, despite the effort that Netflix puts into blocking VPN services, there are providers who are able to give you access to the American Netflix.

Keep in mind that despite the providers mentioned below working with Netflix while writing this article, it remains a cat and mouse game between Netflix and the VPN services. Netflix sometimes blocks every major VPN service. It is true that the VPN services below always find a way to make it work again in no time.

We try to keep the list below as up-to-date as possible. If your ideal solution is not listed, you can come back once in a while to stay informed of VPN services that do work.

Best Netflix VPN in 2019

Below is a list of VPN services that are always successful in circumventing the Netflix blockade. So if you are wondering which VPN still works with Netflix, you will find the answer below. With this you can watch the American Netflix in the UK. We regularly update this list. With this you can see the American Netflix offer at the time of writing:


ExpressVPN is a reliable Netflix VPN with super fast connection. The latter is of course ideal if you want to watch Netflix because a lot of HD video content needs to be streamed. You don’t want to wait for long buffer times. ExpressVPN has servers in 85 countries including of course America.

This service pays a lot of attention to bypassing the Netflix blockades. Even when an IP address or server of the service is blocked, they search for solutions, usually in the form of a new IP address. In addition, they have a special support department for problems with access to streaming services, and they usually respond very quickly and adequately to such messages from customers.

ExpressVPN has a very clear explanation on their own website about how their service works perfectly with Netflix. Click on the button below for more information: 

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Surfshark is a relatively new and cheap VPN provider that scores very high according to various experts. We also rate Surfshark as a very good option, as you can read in the Surfshark review we wrote.

Surfshark also appears to be a very suitable option for Netflix. Surfshark even has a complete team to ensure that it receives the Netflix from different countries. At the time of writing, they guarantee that you can unlock the Netflix offer from 12 different countries Surfshark VPN. During our test this turned out to be really possible. This is very impressive and there are currently no other VPN providers that can do that.

Furthermore, the connections to Surfshark’s VPN servers are more than fast enough to stream all content quickly. And another big advantage is that the price of Surfshark is very low, certainly compared to the number 1 on this list, ExpressVPN. So if you are looking for a good Netflix VPN for a very attractive price, then Surfshark is a good option.


With the good provider NordVPN it is very possible to view the American Netflix, for example. The service also works for Netflix in a select number of other countries. On the NordVPN website there is a page that describes how to get and keep Netflix working with a NordVPN connection. This page is constantly updated. For example, you read which servers work and how you can use them with your different devices.

In addition, they have the Smartplay service, this is a DNS service that makes it look like you’re in another country and it seems that it is more difficult for Netflix to detect this than a VPN. In addition, you can also order a dedicated IP with this service to bypass the American Netflix blockade.

Because the last-mentioned service, Smartplay, can easily change IP, it  will be more difficult for Netflix to detect and / or block this. Moreover, the user does not have to choose anything. NordVPN automatically chooses the most suitable server for you. 

How does it work exactly?

Many people ask themselves how exactly this works. When you connect to a VPN server, all your traffic goes through this particular VPN server. Both the data that you send and the data that you receive. This means that when you connect to Netflix to watch a movie or series, all that data traffic goes through the VPN server.

For Netflix it seems that the VPN server that you use to watch Netflix is ​​the ultimate applicant. Netflix does not realize that all data is forwarded to your computer, TV, tablet or telephone.

Because the VPN server has an American IP address, Netflix thinks the viewer is in America. That is why Netflix will offer the American offer to those who want to watch Netflix via the VPN. The VPN server is like a proxy between the viewer (you) and Netflix. You can see the VPN server as a sort of hatch.

For a detailed explanation of how a VPN connection works, you can look at our page what is a VPN .

Works on different devices

Netflix has of course created an app for all known devices and operating systems. Consider for example the Netflix apps for Android, iOS and the browser versions for Windows and Mac computers. On all these devices it is therefore possible to install and use a VPN to view the American offer of Netflix.

American Netflix on PC or laptop

If you want to watch Netflix on your PC or laptop, you most likely use your favorite browser to do this. If you want to watch the American offer online you will need to connect your PC to a VPN in America. This is possible with the supplied software for your operating system, OS X, Windows or Linux.

If you are connected to an American server you can simply go to the Netflix player in your browser and enjoy the offer. You don’t even have to set anything to make the VPN work with Netflix. Another option is to install the browser extension or add-on of your VPN service in your favorite browser. More and more VPN services offer an add-on or extension for the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

In this way you can easily click on an American VPN server to connect to. Once connected you can easily watch the American Netflix in the UK and Belgium in your browser.

On the smartphone and tablet

With a VPN you can also watch the American Netflix on your Android tablet and phone or your iPhone or iPad. Netflix has developed an excellent app for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) to view the videos. The various VPN services also have a great app for both iOS and Android.

So if you want to watch the American Netflix on your tablet or iPhone you will have to connect to a VPN server in America with the app of your VPN service and then start the Netflix app. From that moment you can enjoy the wider film and series offerings from the United States.

Netflix VPN via Chromecast, Apple TV and smart TV

We are often asked whether it is possible to use a VPN when you watch Netflix via the Chromecast, Apple TV or smart TV. The answer to this is: yes, but this is more complicated than installing a VPN on 1 of your devices. This is due to the operation of a Chromecast and smart TV.

If you are going to cast something via Netflix to your Chromecast or select on your smart TV, you basically only pass on the Chromecast or television: you have to play this stream. Then the Chromecast or TV itself retrieves the stream from the internet. With a Chromecast, the stream does not go via your telephone or tablet. It is therefore not sufficient to install a VPN on the device with which you operate the Chromecast.

The best solution for watching Netflix with a VPN with the Apple TV, Chromecast or smart TV is to set up your router as a VPN client. In this way, all internet traffic from your network is automatically transferred over a VPN connection. This means that the stream that gets your Chromecast is also going through the VPN server that you have set in your router. We also have a special page about how a smart TV and Chromecast in combination with a VPN works.

Routers with the DD-WRT firmware have this option. We have written a special page about how this works; Set up the DD-WRT router as a VPN client . Routers are also available that provide standard support for connecting to a VPN server. You can also find these routers on our website, on this page to be precise.

American Netflix with DNS

In addition to VPN, there are other options for viewing the American offering in the UK. A so-called smart DNS service also ensures that it looks like you are in a different country than you actually are. There are several companies that offer such a DNS service for Netflix, often these are also companies that also offer VPN connections.

Here too, it is a cat and mouse game between the providers and Netflix. It is therefore possible that a connection via a smart DNS server is blocked even after a while.

Dedicated IP address

Highly recommended to have the greatest possible chance of success is to choose a VPN service where you can get a dedicated IP address. With a dedicated IP address, you therefore have your own IP address in, for example, America. The chance that Netflix blocks this American IP address for their service is very small. The ip addresses of the different VPN servers are only noticed by Netflix when many people use them, so with a dedicated IP address you will not be bothered by that.

Even with a dedicated IP address you hide your IP address from the outside world. For the outside world you have an I {address in the country where the server is located, in this case America. This way you have access to Netflix USA.

Netflix tries to block VPNs

VPN notification Netflix

Since 2016 there has been a lot of news on the internet that Netflix has really started to actively keep people from trying to watch Netflix via a VPN server. The service all tries ways to block people who want to stream via a VPN connection. They present these users the message that you see in the picture, the message that you are using an unblocker or proxy.

For many people this is really a damper. These people are therefore looking for an alternative with which they can still view the American offer of Netflix. In 2019 this seems to get better and better with the help of a VPN account .

It is not illegal to use a VPN in combination with Netflix. Netflix will not sue you if you try and we have never heard that someone’s account has been closed because it was trying to use Netflix with a VPN connection. So when people say it is illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix, you can immediately say that it is nonsense.

Watch American Netflix for free with VPN

A VPN service always costs money. We often get the question if it is possible to watch the American Netflix for free. This should, in theory, be possible with a free VPN .

Only free VPNs often have certain limitations that making Netflix via the VPN connection at least inconvenient. For example, with free VPNs you are often limited to a number of servers that you can use. In addition, there is actually a data limit in all cases of free VPNs. Since watching a movie or TV series consumes a lot of data, you can’t even watch a half episode of the average series on Netflix with a free VPN.

So, as far as we know, watching the American Netflix for free is not yet possible. Keep an eye on this page, because if it becomes possible we will of course report it here.

Netflix offer from even more countries?

If you are nevertheless going to purchase a VPN service for use with Netflix, you should also look in which countries a certain service has a server. Even though Netflix USA has the largest selection, there are countries with offerings that cannot be seen in America. Netflix has specific films, series and shows in each country.

For example, if you want to watch German series, it is wise to choose a VPN service with servers in Germany. So if you want to watch as wide a foreign offer as possible on Netflix, choose a service with a large network of servers around the world.

Moreover, with a VPN service you can also watch the American Hulu and you can watch all broadcasts from abroad missed .

Conclusion: Netflix VPN for the American offering

It appears that a number of VPN services are too smart for Netflix and are able to bypass the proxy and VPN blockages. Certainly when you can purchase a dedicated IP address from the VPN provider of your choice, the chance of success is very high. With a dedicated American IP address via a VPN connection, you can therefore continue to watch the American Netflix with confidence. You can also use the service for content from other countries, if there is only one server in the country whose films and series you want to watch.

But choosing a good Netflix VPN like the one above actually always works well. Even with a cheap VPN subscription you have a much larger selection of Netflix.