IvacyVPN Review

From $ 2.25 a month

Speed - 7/10
Usability - 8/10
Price - 8.5/10
Reliability - 7/10


  • Software for: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2
  • Pay with: Ideal, Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Max simultaneous connections: 5
  • Country of residence: Singapore
  • Log policy: no logs

Features Ivacy

Ivacy is a VPN service that has been around for a long time. Despite this fact, it is a relatively unknown VPN service. Something that is perhaps unjustified in view of the service that the company promises to deliver. For example, they claim that their service always works with Netflix and they have developed a special addon for Kodi.

We tested this in this Ivacy VPN review. You can find out below whether they are delivering on their promises and what our experience is with the use of Ivacy VPN.


Ivacy has more than 100 servers in more than 55 countries. These servers are spread all over the world and in every continent you will find several servers that you can use with an Ivacy VPN subscription. In practice, this means that you have a relatively fast VPN connection everywhere in the world. This is because geographically there is always a VPN server nearby.

The striking thing is that Ivacy also has a server in exotic places. Consider, for example, countries such as Ghana, Brunei, Colombia, Kuwait and more. This is a clear difference with many other VPN providers that usually only have servers in current countries. People who want to use a VPN server in one of these countries for whatever reason will soon end up with Ivacy VPN.

Software Ivacy VPN

For the most used equipment, software has been developed by Ivacy VPN. Every VPN service actually makes software for different devices, but the quality can vary greatly. That is why we always test the quality and user-friendliness of a VPN service in our reviews.

A nice option with Ivacy VPN is that they have added a split tunneling function to the software. With this function it is possible to choose which software uses the VPN connection and which software uses the regular internet connection. This is possible with all operating systems, which is really a plus for us.

Below you can read about our experience with the Ivacy VPN software on the different systems. The options are different for each system, which is why we discuss these different operating systems separately in this Ivacy VPN review.


The Windows software from Ivacy works very easily. We tested it in combination with Windows 10. You can install it with a few clicks of the button. After the software has been installed you only have to enter your username and password. After this you have access to all options of the VPN software.

It is immediately noticeable that you have a certain simplicity in the dashboard. You can easily select a country and then click on the connect button. After connecting, the button clearly indicates whether you are connected, so at that moment you know for sure that you are using the internet securely via a VPN connection.

Windows software from Ivacy

By the way, Windows is the only operating system for which Ivacy has made a kill switch. That Ivacy VPN has made a kill switch in the Windows software is therefore a positive point. It is just a shame that this is not available for other operating systems. During our test the VPN connection was not lost so we do not know how well the kill switch function works but we assume that it works properly.

All in all we are very pleased with Ivacy’s software. It works intuitively and it has a number of fun and important options. Anyone can use this software, but also when you have some extra demands on your VPN software you are at the right place with Ivacy VPN.


The software is also good to use on the Mac. The design is the same as the software for Windows computers. You simply enter your username and password and you can then use the service of Ivacy VPN. This software also worked great and easy during our review period.

After you are connected, it is clearly indicated that you are secure. This way you know in an easy way that your VPN connection is active and that your internet traffic goes through a VPN server.


The people who want to use a VPN connection on their smartphone have also thought of Ivacy VPN. There is both a VPN app for Android and an app for iOS (iPhone and iPad). The apps for iOS and Android look the same and actually work exactly the same. We like the look of the app, but that is of course a matter of taste. In any case, it works easily and all options are in the place where you expect them.

The standard screen of the Ivacy app on Android and iOS.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the apps are easy to use. When you click on the flag you can change your location. And by pressing the slider you can connect or disconnect.

You also have a number of options in the menu that you can adjust. For example, consider the protocol if you want to change that.

In Firefox and Chrome

Ivacy VPN can also be used as browser software with Android and Firefox. For Chrome there is an Ivacy extension and for Firefox an Ivacy add-on. These are pieces of software that you can install in your browser. With this software you can easily make a VPN connection with an Ivacy VPN server.

We tested both browser additions for this review. The browser additions work well, quickly and are easy to use. Our experience with this functionality from Ivacy is really good.

Ivacy and Kodi

Many people want to use a VPN for Kodi . This could be, for example, bypassing geographic blockades or the fact that they want to keep their ip hidden while using Kodi. If you want, you or the software of your VPN provider must start on your device and then start kodi.

Or you have to install the Kodi OpenVPN add-on and then fill in everything manually to connect via the add-on. This last option is necessary, for example, when you use a Kodi on a device that does not have Ivacy software. For example, consider Raspberry Pi. Ivacy has an extensive and easy-to-use step-by-step plan for setting up this OpenVPN add-on with the correct data for Ivacy VPN. We tested that in this review and it worked great.

Ivacy Netflix

We tried to look at the American Netflix from the UK with a VPN connection to an American server. Ivacy claims that they can bypass the blockade that Netflix sets up with their VPN service. However, when we tested this, we discovered that it didn’t work with the Ivacy VPN. During the test we received the message that we could not watch Netflix with a proxy.

We realize that the game between VPN providers and Netflix is ​​a cat and mouse game. Netflix is ​​again blocking a certain VPN server and the VPN services are looking for a new VPN server with a new ip address and that can then be used as long as it goes well. It is just a shame that Ivacy VPN claims that their service makes it possible to bypass the blockade.

Privacy and security

The name Ivacy suggests that privacy is a high priority for this VPN service. And this appears to be the case. They indicate that they do not keep logs, this means that when someone or a government comes to request information about a certain user, this information is simply not available.

In addition, the company operates under the jurisdiction of Singapore. A country that respects privacy and cannot force companies to give or collect information.

In terms of technical security, it is also pretty good at Ivacy VPN. All common protocols are supported. Including our favorite open source protocol OpenVPN. A minus point when it comes to technical security is that there is not a kill switch on every operating system. This is potentially dangerous, because when your VPN connection is lost, your data will continue through your normal internet connection.

Speed ​​and stability

During this Ivacy VPN review we of course also measured the speed. The speed of a VPN connection must be so fast that you hardly notice that you are using a VPN connection. We can immediately be clear about the speed we experienced with Ivacy VPN, this was very good. Previously this was really different, then the speed was so bad that we couldn’t even stream a YouTube video at a normal speed .

Fortunately the speed problems seem to be solved by now. We tested it with 3 different servers; The UK, Belgium and Germany. We did this from the UK and the loss of speed compared to the normal internet speed without a VPN connection was very minimal. Ivacy VPN is not the fastest VPN service  that we have tested so far, but the speed is fine for people who simply want to surf and stream a movie.

The stability of the connection is also very ok. The connection has never fallen away, this is a requirement that she fortunately scored well on. In the unlikely event that the connection is lost, it is nice to know that the VPN service has a kill switch option that blocks all internet traffic when the VPN connection is lost.

Costs Ivacy VPN

Just like with many VPN services, the monthly costs with Ivacy VPN depend on the length of the subscription you take out. For example, the price per month is lower if you take out a subscription for 2 years than if you want to renew the subscription per month. For example, a 2-year subscription costs $ 2.25 per month, while if you want to renew the subscription per month it costs $ 9.95. You also have the option to take out a subscription per year, in which case you will be charged $ 3.33 per month.

In the screenshot below you can see exactly what the prices are at Ivacy. It is clear that the longer the subscription you choose, the lower the price per month will be.

Compared to other VPN services, these prices are average. In this review of Ivacy VPN it has emerged that the price you pay for a subscription is fine. You can get a better service for the same price, for example CyberGhost.

Conclusion, our experience with Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN has software that looks nice and works well. The pricing is also attractive and they have servers spread throughout the world. Your privacy seems to be well guaranteed with this VPN service, something that is important for many people.

The last time we tested Ivacy VPN and wrote a review about it, the speed was very disappointing. Fortunately this seems to have been solved properly. The speed is now also in order and we can no longer think of a reason to discourage Ivacy VPN.