Ironsocket Review

From $ 3.29 a month

Speed - 8/10
Usability - 5/10
Price - 7/10
Reliability - 9/10



  • Software for:
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP
  • Pay with: Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Max simultaneous connections: 3
  • Country of residence: Hong Kong
  • Log policy: limited logs


Ironsocket is a VPN service that is focused on performance. For example, they have not developed any software and apps themselves. Instead, they only offer VPN servers that you can then use via the standard OpenVPN software.

The consequence of this is that they can invest extra time and money in a good network of servers and fast connections.


Ironsocket has servers in 40 countries. You will find multiple VPN servers in every continent with the exception of Africa. In practice, this means that there is always a VPN server available in the area. Because of this geographical advantage, an optimal speed is often possible, or you can see how this works in practice later in this review of Ironsocket.

Use of Ironsocket

The most striking thing about this service is that they themselves have only developed for Windows software. For the other operating systems you are dependent on an application over standard support for VPN. The most accessible will be  to install an  OpenVPN application. This is namely an open source protocol, which means in practice that there are various software and apps available for OpenVPN that make it possible to connect to an OpenVPN server. All in all, it is a downside in this Ironsocket review that there is limited software available.


At the time of writing, Ironsocket only has a software client for Windows. This client bears the name “EasyVPNConnect”. The software client is somewhat basic but there are a number of important and nice options to be found in the client. For example, there is DNS leak protection, you can set the app to start automatically when Windows starts, you can choose between the OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocol and there is a “drop protection” that ensures that apps are closed in the the VPN connection is lost.

Other operating systems

Zo kun je voor Windows en MacOS  bijvoorbeeld de client software eenvoudig downloaden via de officiele website van OpenVPN. En in de app store van Android als iOS (iPad en iPhone) is de app “OpenVPN Connect” voorhanden. Met deze app is het eenvoudig om verbinding te maken met een OpenVPN server waar je de inloggegevens voor hebt.

When you sign up for a subscription with Ironsocket you naturally get the necessary data to use the VPN server you want to connect to. This is not the most user-friendly method to use a VPN service and may not have been reserved for the average computer user who wants to use a VPN. Yet it must be said that our experience is that it all worked great during our review. The OpenVPN software is light and therefore quick to use, and because we used the official software, we are confident that it will continue to run smoothly, just like during our test, and will not crash quickly.

Set up a router as an Ironsocket VPN client

Because Ironsocket uses the OpenVPN protocol, it is possible to use a VPN router to connect to an Ironsocket VPN server. In this way, all devices in your network are automatically connected to the internet via a VPN connection.

In this way you can, for example, also use your Chromecast and Smart TV via a VPN connection and bypass geographic blockades. Because the connections from Ironsocket are fast and good, it is also very suitable to stream videos with Ironsocket.

Privacy and security

Ironsocket is a company registered in Hong Kong. It therefore falls under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. This country is known for its attractive and good privacy protection. VPN services that operate from a privacy-respecting country always have an advantage with us.

Because Ironsocket mainly focuses on good technology, the encryption of the connections is also fine. For example, both OpenVPN connections and L2TP / IPSec use 256 bit AES encryption that is known to be unbreakable.

A small disadvantage of the privacy policy of Ironsocket is that there is a limited logging policy. No data is stored of which websites you visit. But data is being kept with the aim of improving connections. We prefer that a VPN service does not keep any logs at all.

Speed ​​and stability of the Ironsocket connection

The OpenVPN connections use UDP instead of TCP, which is usually faster. On the other hand, Ironsocket uses very strong encryption that requires more from computers and can therefore slow down the VPN connection .

For the review, the download and upload speed of Ironsocket tested. This has shown that the different servers are fast enough to browse, stream movies and download is also possible. If you really speed will be faster, however, VPN services such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN .

The connections were extremely stable during our test. We have never lost a connection. This is sometimes different with other VPN services.

Download with Ironsocket

Many people who read this Ironsocket review want to use a VPN to download Torrents. Ironsocket has several servers on which downloading torrents and other p2p download methods is allowed. On the website of Ironsocket you can easily find on which servers torrent downloads are allowed.

As mentioned, Ironsocket is not the fastest VPN provider. If you are looking for a VPN service for downloading you might want to look further into a real torrent VPN .

Costs of Ironsocket

Like many other VPN providers, the price to use Ironsocket depends on how long you take out the subscription. The longer the subscription that you pay in one go, the lower the price per month will be.

The image below is a screenshot of the Ironsocket website. Here you can see that the cheapest option is to take out a one-year subscription and pay immediately. Then you pay the equivalent of $ 4.16 per month. You can also pay it per month, for example to test it cheaply. In that case you pay $ 6.99 per month.


Ironsocket is not for everyone. You need some affinity with software, because there is no ready-made software for smartphones or computers available. You will need to connect to the OpenVPN software or OpenVPN Connect app on iOS and Android.

Once the connections are established, it is a very reliable VPN service with good speeds. The price is average, but we think that the price / quality ratio is in good order. All in all, our experience with Ironsocket is ok.