IPVanish Review

Speed - 7/10
Usability - 8/10
Price - 10/10
Reliability - 8/10

Characteristics of IPVanish

IPVanish is a VPN service that operates from America. The service is aimed at the very critical user who does not mind paying a little more for a very good service. The VPN service is therefore known for its speed, good software and stability.

With 1 subscription with 10 devices you can connect to IPVanish server at the same time, these are more connections than you will find on average with other VPN providers. This will be more than sufficient for most people who want to use a VPN connection. Previously, with IPVanish you could connect to 5 devices at the same time, but this has been increased to 10. This is partly due to the fact that more and more people have more than 5 devices on which they want to use a VPN connection at the same time. Another advantage is that you can share 1 subscription with several people.

In this IPVanish review we test all the important features of this VPN service. We do this on the basis of certain test components that we hold during every VPN review and on which our list of best VPNs is based. We can already reveal that our experiences with IPVanish are good. Quickly read below to discover why the experiences are good and what we think about this VPN service.


IPVanish has more than 1300 servers in more than 75 countries at the time of writing. These servers are distributed all over the world, so every continent has an IPVanish server that you can use as a subscriber. In practice, this means that there is always a server nearby so that you can always achieve good speed. In addition, it means that you can simply stream blocked content from many different countries online.

In many used locations, some cities in the United States and United Kingdom, there are multiple servers to keep the speed up and top. The fact that the IPVanish network is a top tier network also helps with good performance.

IPVanish uses a so-called tier 1, or top tier, network. This means that their servers are directly linked to the main connections of the internet and do not run via other servers. This means that an optimum speed must be achieved in theory. The IPVanish servers are therefore, as it were, directly connected to the highway of the internet.

Use IPVanish software

IPVanish has software for the computer that runs on Windows and for the Mac computers. In addition, apps are available for Android tablets and smartphones and for the iPad and iPhone. Most people have to be able to handle this. For example, if you use Linux, you can connect to the VPN service with other software, but this requires a little more technical knowledge.

To show how the software works, you will find below a number of screenshots of the IPVanish app on an iPhone and a number of screenshots of the VPN on Windows . You can assume that the app for the Android devices work the same as the iPhone app. For the Mac, unlike Windows, a separate program has been created that gives you easy access to all functions.

It appears that setting IPVanish is easy to do on all devices. After installing the software on Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows you only need your username and password. This allows you to log in to the software and then easily make a VPN connection with the VPN server of your choice.

IPVanish on Windows

There is a program made by IPVanish that makes it super easy to use the service. The software can of course be downloaded from the website and the installation proceeds as you are used to with Windows software. When you open the software you will have to enter your login details that you have received from IPVanish in order to log in. After that you will get a very clear program in mind.

You can easily choose which server you want to connect to, of course the country of the server is mentioned. You can choose this from a list or you can click a place on the map. We have made a screenshot of what it looks like on a map.

Another very handy / fun option is the quick connect option. This simply looks at the fastest and most stable connection available. This is then chosen to connect. This options is ideal for people who simply want to encrypt their data traffic and use the internet safely.

Our experience with the IPVanish software for Windows and MacOS has proven to be very positive. The software runs stably and the necessary is easy to find. The same applies for the downloadable VPN app for MacOS .

iPhone app from IPVanish

The iPhone app speaks for itself. In the Apple app store you can simply download and install the app. The first time you open the app, it will ask for your login details.

After logging in you will see the current status of your VPN connection, the first time it will be “not connected” or “not connected”. By clicking on the location that is displayed you get a list with all IPVanish servers. This way you can easily make a choice from which server and therefore from which country you want to connect to the internet. You can then easily connect.

Only the important kill switch function is missing. These are only available on the Windows and MacOS software from IPVanish.

IPVanish on Android

IPVanish also has an app download available for Android in the Google Play Store and on its own website. This app also works great and easy, there are enough settings and choosing a server is easy. You simply enter the details of your account and you can log in and make a VPN connection to a server.

However, there is an important option that we miss on the Android app. There is currently no kill switch function in the Android app. This will not be a problem for most people and moments. But if you really want to protect your own privacy and encrypt your internet connection, it is of course important that this option is available. This is missing in the Android app.

Below you can see some screenshots of the IPVanish Android VPN app .

IPVanish on Linux and routers

IPVanish has now also published extensive and clearer manuals for using an IPVanish on more exotic equipment. For the Linux distribution Ubuntu, an easy-to-use installation script has even been made available. For 3 other Linux distributions, clear visual manuals have been published with which you can easily set up an IPVanish VPN connection. this applies to the distributions:

  • Fedora
  • Kali Linux
  • Linux Mint

This also applies to setting up your router. IPVanish has a clear guide for a wide variety of routers on how to set up a VPN connection on a particular device. These manuals are in English. But because of the supporting images, it is also easy for people who are less good to follow in English.

Privacy and security

IPVanish has a no-log policy and we are always happy with that. It is not that we have anything to hide but you never know what happens to certain data and we think privacy is a general good. Certainly for downloaders and even more uploaders, this is an important feature of a VPN service. Of course we never know for sure what a provider does with our data, but for our review we assume that they are honest about the policy.

In addition, you can pay with Bitcoin and you only need an e-mail address to subscribe to this service. That means in fact that the service can be used very anonymously. Of course they also offer other payment options where IPVanish has a little more information about you.

The protocols that IPVanish supports are the best known: PTPP, L2TP and OpenVPN. 128-bit, 256-bit and 256-bit, respectively. We recommend that you always use L2TP or OpenVPN. In addition, IPVanish uses shared IPs so that in any logs that they do not even keep track of, it is virtually impossible to link to a certain user or IP in a certain wrong way.

Automatic (re) connect and kill switch

The Windows software from IPVanish has an option that ensures that a connection is automatically made with a server when your computer starts up. The other IPVanish software does not have this capability. All software does have an automatic reconnect function, if the connection to the server is lost, the software will automatically try to make a connection again so that you always remain secure.

The IPVanish software also has a kill switch option. This is the option that ensures that when the VPN connection is lost, the entire internet traffic is blocked. If there is no kill switch option, internet traffic will continue through your provider if your VPN connection is lost. It is therefore a good thing that IPVanish has added this to the clients.

DNS leak protection

The IPvanish client software ensures that no DNS leakage occurs. The software ensures that only the dns server from IPVanish itself is used. If there is no security against leaking DNSrequests, it may be that your computer still informs the dns servers of your provider which sites you visit.

Switch IP

For extra privacy you can set your IP address to change every few minutes. With a VPN connection you actually always change your IP address , since you take the IP address of the VPN server for the outside world. Only this IP exchange option from IPVanish ensures that that IP address is also constantly being changed. Then you actually renew the IP address that the outside world sees. This is of course perfect if you want to surf even more anonymously and use the internet.

This is a nice option in itself. However, it is not really a very special option. In this way we cannot imagine the usefulness of this option.

Speed ​​IPVanish servers

For the purpose of this review we tested the speed of IPVanish. To perform the test as credibly as possible, we used the server in Amsterdam for our test, which is the closest geographically. The speeds were as follows:

  • Download: 61 Mbps
  • Upload: 10 Mbps
  • Ping: 19ms

These speeds are really great. With these low ping times, good upload and download speeds, IPVanish can be described as excellent for gaming to downloading.

Torrent and IPVanish

IPVanish indicates that downloading torrents through their system is no problem. We have heard from other users that they have used this VPN service intensively for downloading torrents and that they have never encountered problems with it.

To write a good review, of course we had to test how fast downloading torrents about IPVanish is. As always during tests, we downloaded the Ubuntu operating system and achieved our maximum download speed. Downloading with IPvanish is a good experience.

IPVanish is very suitable to prevent download fines with torrents . We can rightly say that IPVanish is a good VPN torrent .

Socks 5 connection

IPVanish also offers Socks5 proxies within their subscription. These proxy servers, among others, are very suitable for downloading via bittorrent. With such a proxy you can easily download anonymous torrents. Ideal for people who want to download without knowing what their IP address is, as the download and upload goes via the Socks5 proxy.

By offering proxies aimed at torrenting, IPVanish gives the clear signal that file sharing is permitted at the service.

Also for Usenet, especially Eweka

Even if you want to download anonymously from newsgroups , you are at the right address with IPVanish. They even have a partnership with Eweka, one of the largest providers of newsgroup subscriptions. So if you are planning to use IPVanish for downloading via Eweka, then we can recommend that you simply subscribe to Eweka and then get IPVanish for free.

Because the speeds of the IPVanish connections are good, you can also download really fast from newsgroups with this VPN.

Kodi and IPVanish

Many people want to use a VPN in combination with Kodi . This is often to bypass geographic blockades. For example, you can watch the American HULU from the UK.

IPVanish is also suitable for working in combination with Kodi. You can simply make a VPN connection on the system where Kodi is also installed and then start Kodi. From that moment on, the streamed content in Kodi goes via the VPN connection.

On the IPVanish website you can find an extensive manual for those who want to use an IPVanish connection on Openelec. With the relevant manual, setting up a VPN connection in Openelec is very easy to do.

Watch Netflix via IPVanish

Watching Netflix via a VPN has the great advantage that you can view content from countries that you normally cannot see. For example, if you are connected to an American VPN server, you can look at the more extensive Netflix USA offering. Or you can watch the English version of Netflix when you are abroad.

However, Netflix tries to block VPN services. They manage quite well, so many VPN connections are not suitable for watching Netflix. Of course we also tested whether Netflix works via the VPN connections from IPVanish. It appears that IPVanish does not work with Netflix at the time of writing. Netflix blocks the IP addresses of the IPVanish servers. If you we’re looking for a VPN Netflix ExpressVPN or Surf Shark recommend.

IPVanish costs

IPVanish basically offers 1 package, but the price depends on the choice of term you make. You can pay per month, then it costs $ 10 per month, but if, for example, you choose to take out a one-year subscription, you pay $ 6.49 per month.

To be honest, IPVanish is on the expensive side, there are VPN providers with much lower VPN costs . It must be mentioned that they offer good service. If you still want something cheaper with the same options, CyberGhost or Surfshark may be a good choice.

A disadvantage for English people is that it is not possible to pay with iDeal. You therefore need a credit card or Paypal account to be able to pay a subscription at IPVanish.

Free trial at IPVanish

It is also possible to try IPVanish for 7 days for free. This trial option comes in the form of a 7 day money back guarantee. So you pay, but you can easily reclaim that money if you are not satisfied with the VPN service. We tested this and the money was refunded without asking difficult questions, the money was in our account again within a few days.

Conclusion; our experience with IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is a very solid VPN service that offers a very fast solution with their top tier network. The software is easy to use on all devices for which they have developed an application.

In terms of privacy protection, you are at the right place at this company, they have a zero-log policy, so no information about you is kept. However, a disadvantage is that IPVanish operates from America. This is a potential risk for your privacy.

The price of IPVanish is slightly higher compared to the other providers, but you get a lot of quality and service in return. However, we think that if you are willing to pay this amount, you better opt for another premium VPN provider, such as NordVPN (even cheaper too) or ExpressVPN .