ibVPN Review

From $ 3.08 a month

Speed - 6/10
Usability - 8/10
Price - 9/10
Reliability - 7/10


  • Software for: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP, IKEv2
  • Pay with: Ideal, Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank transfer, PaySafeCard
  • Max simultaneous connections: 1
  • Country of residence: Romania
  • Log policy: limited logs


IbVPN stands for Invisible Browsing VPN and is well known under both names. This VPN provider is also known as a very cheap service that appeals to a lot of people. However, in practice it appears that for this low price, optimum speeds cannot be offered by ibVPN.

The service is easy to use because there is a client available for all common operating systems that is easy to install. Software is available for Android, Windows, Mac computer and iOS.

All known encryption protocols are also supported, namely: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP. With us, OpenVPN is always preferred as a protocol to use.

In the review below of ibVPN we will share all the features and important experiences of this vpn service with you. Read if ibVPN is suitable for you as a party for an encrypted connection.

ibVPN Servers

ibVPN currently has 172 servers spread over a fluctuating number of countries. All the popular countries where you would like to see content are of course among them. Consider, for example, the United Kingdom, America and the UK. Other countries come and go in the ibVPN server offer. On the website there is a list of servers that are currently live.

Between this large number of servers there is always a server that is suitable for what you want. It is also nice that you have the choice of several servers per country, this means that when one server is too busy, you can choose another server at the location you want to use.

This large range of servers means that there is always a server in your area. Wherever you are in the world. This has the advantage that there are always relatively fast servers available to make a connection with.

On the ibVPN website you will find a complete list of all servers that are available. In this list you can immediately see how much bandwidth is available and how many users are currently active on the server in question.

Bypass geographic blockades

Many people choose to use a VPN provider due to the fact that they cannot view certain content at a location. Consider, for example, the fact that you cannot view BBC iPlayer content in a country other than the UK or that you cannot view videos from RTL XL when you are on holiday abroad.

To be able to watch online videos from, for example, the providers below, you would have to connect via a VPN server in a country where the videos may be viewed. It is therefore important that the vpn service has at least servers in the country from which you want to view geo blocked content.

At ibVPN you are at the right place, they have servers in 31 countries worldwide. This includes the UK, United Kingdom and the United States. The chance that you can watch the geographically blocked content that you want to watch with the help of ibVPN is therefore very high.


IbVPN has set up the ibDNS service especially for circumventing geographical blockades. This is a service that ensures that you visit websites and online services via a different DNS server. In these ways you can easily unlock geographic content in the UK or other countries.

Consider, for example, looking at Hulu in the UK . View the American offer of Netflix in the UK. It is also suddenly possible to watch English content from abroad.

Remember that the data that you send and receive is not encrypted, as is the case with a VPN connection.

Tor over VPN

There are also servers available that make TOR over VPN possible. In this way you first connect to a VPN server from ibVPN that subsequently runs your internet traffic through the onion network.

To use this, you do need the ultimate subscription. This is slightly more expensive than the standard or Torrent vpn subscription from ibVpn.

Software from ibVPN

The use of ibVPN is very easy to call. For the best known operating systems, clients can be downloaded that are easy to use. You can download software for:

  • Windows
  • OSx, for Mac computers
  • iOS app for iPhones and Ipads
  • Android app for Android phones and tablets

ibVPN software on windows

The ibVPN software is not very easy to use, it is somewhat busy and not intuitive. Yet you will find all the options that you expect in the software of a serious VPN. You can easily log in with your login data from your VPN account . After logging in you can easily select the server that you want to use for your VPN connection.

In addition, there is also an extension for the Chrome browser, ideal if you only want to use the VPN while surfing. And there is also an add-on for Firefox that does the same as the Chrome extension.

Because ibVPN supports the OpenVPN protocol you can in fact allow any device that also supports this to connect to the servers of this VPN service. Think for example of the Playstation, Linux, Roku, DD-WRT Routers, smart TV and many other devices.

Privacy and security ibVPN

In terms of technical security, you are very safe at ibVPN. As indicated, you can use OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP. By default, the clients use the OpenVPN protocol. If you want to use a different protocol, you can easily select this in the different clients.

As is known, OpenVPN is always preferred over other available protocols because it is known to be very secure. In addition, it is also an open source protocol that gives us even more certainty that it is really safe.

In terms of privacy, we can do a little better with ibVPN. For example, they indicate that certain logs are being kept, namely:

  • the duration of the VPN connection
  • the location from which the VPN connection was established
  • amount of data consumed over the VPN connection

The company does promise that they will not keep logs of user behavior on the connection. They can also make this promise because they operate from Romania where the European Union rules on data retention do not apply.

In addition, it is the case that ibVPN uses dynamic ip addresses instead of shared ip addresses. In theory you can easily find out who used which IP address at what time. This is not the case with shared or shared IP addresses, since many people use the same IP address on the Internet there.

If you want more certainty regarding your privacy NordVPN or ExpressVPN highly recommended.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the apps are easy to use. When you click on the flag you can change your location. And by pressing the slider you can connect or disconnect.

You also have a number of options in the menu that you can adjust. For example, consider the protocol if you want to change that.

Automatic connection and kill switch

The ibVPN software has a kill switch function that ensures that all internet traffic is blocked in case your connection to the ibVPN server is lost. In our view, this is a very important safety feature, especially if you want to download anonymously or surf the web.

With Windows you have the option to check a box with the login information with “remember me”. When you check this box, ibVPN will automatically connect the next time you use the program. In combination with the kill switch function, this way you can always be sure that your connection on your Windows computer is secure.

IbVPN speed

The speed that we experienced in the ibVPN review period was simply good. During the connection with the English server, we simply achieved the maximum speeds that were possible. With a server in America, about 20 mbit went off. All in all great speeds for downloading and / or watching Netflix or other video sites.

ibVPN has a speed tester in the client software for the desktop. This allows you to easily test which server is the fastest. Another provider that also has this is IPVanish .

Download torrents with ibVPN

Downloading torrents via ibVPN is permitted with certain subscriptions. With the torrent subscription and the ultimate vpn subscription you get access to the servers where you can download via Bittorrent. The servers where this is permitted are physically located in countries where downloading and uploading torrents is not punishable.

A disadvantage with regard to downloading torrents is that we noticed that the speed was not always optimal. When downloading this can be experienced as very annoying.


In addition, ibVPN offers special torrent proxies . This is done via socks5 protocols. You can set this connection in a torrent download program such as uTorrent. When you are connected to a socks5 proxy, none of the seeders and leechers can see what your original ip address is.

Netflix with ibVPN

Watching Netflix via a VPN server tries to discourage Netflix by blocking the IP addresses of known VPN servers. For example, watching via an American server can be interesting because you can then see the American offer.

It seems that the American Netflix works great with the SmartDNS service from ibVPN. If you nevertheless have problems watching Netflix via the SMartDNS service from ibVPN you can open a support ticket and they will try to solve the problem for you.

Also suitable for Kodi

When you are looking for a VPN service for Kodi you are at the right place at ibVPN. Due to the high speeds that are good for video streaming and allowing p2p connections such as torrent, this service can be used perfectly for Kodi. The many servers in the ultimate VPN package also make it ideal to access international streams via ibVPN on Kodi via the various add-ons available for Kodi.

IbVPN costs

In principle there are 4 different subscription. Which suits you best depends on your wishes. Below you can see a picture of the ibVPN website where the prices are listed. There is some clarification to this overview, you can find that under the picture.

As you can see, the Ultimate VPN is the most expensive plan available. With this subscription you get access to 130 servers in 47 countries. It is also allowed to download via Bittorrent with this subscription and you can connect to the VPN service with 3 devices at the same time. Ultimate VPN costs $ 4.83 per month with ibVPN if you pay immediately for a full year.

Another VPN subscription that is offered is “standard VPN”. This subscription costs less than the other subscriptions. But here you have some major restrictions. So you can only connect to a VPN server with one device at a time. You also have access to a limited number of servers, namely 100 instead of 130. Fortunately, 100 is still more than sufficient for the average user. In addition, there are other options that you cannot use with this subscription such as a socks5 proxy.

In addition, there are 2 other packages, the “torrent VPN” and “ibdns / smartdns” package. With the first mentioned you can mainly download torrents and with the 2nd you have access to a smartdns. This does not offer encryption but allows you to unblock sites and content. These last 2 plans both cost $ 3.08 per month.

Conclusion, our experience with ibVPN

As far as we are concerned, the privacy attitude of this company can be slightly better, we would prefer that no logs are kept at VPN services. The speed also occasionally left something to be desired at ibVPN. Fortunately, it is true that the connection has proved stable during our review period.

We can therefore say with confidence that an ibVPN is in itself a good party to take out a subscription. The software works pleasantly and easily and there are enough servers to choose from. And all this costs enormously little, the price is also an important consideration of course.