Goose VPN Review

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Speed - 7.5/10
Usability - 9/10
Price - 4.5/10
Reliability - 70/10


Features GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN is a VPN service from English soil, a real English product. However, this does notmean that there are only English VPN servers or that it can only be used in the UK. Also with this VPN you can connect to different VPN servers around the world and it also works from anywhere as long as there is internet. GOOSE VPN focuses in particular on user-friendliness, or you can find out in this GOOSE VPN review. You also discover our experiences with this VPN .

In this review we test all important features of a VPN service from GOOSE VPN. Consider for example the speed and stability of the connections. We also test the software on the various commonly used devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. For this review we also take a critical look at the privacy policy and the way in which GOOSE VPN indicates how to handle your data.

To get an impression of GOOSE VPN you can see a video below that GOOSE VPN made itself.


You can download free software for a number of different operating systems from the GOOSE VPN website. Software is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPhone and iPad ) and Android. For the most used devices and operating systems, client software is therefore available for GOOSE VPN. Another major advantage of GOOSE VPN apps and software is that it is available in English. There are few other VPN services where the software can be used in English, it is possible with ExpressVPN for example.


We have tested the software for Windows and it was immediately noticeable that it looks very neat and easy to use. After logging in to the software you can easily connect to the server of your choice. It is also stated directly per server whether p2p downloading and uploading is allowed on the relevant server. For example, in the screenshot below we have selected a server where downloading via torrent is allowed, you can clearly see that in the “P2P server” addition.

In addition, you have immediate insight into how much data you have used and how much you can still use via the VPN connection. This is actually only interesting for people who opt for a subscription with a data limit.

There is also a simple settings menu where you can choose which protocol you want to use: IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP or OpenVPN. Moreover, you can also choose to connect automatically as soon as the software starts, this is useful for people who always want to use the internet via a VPN. Furthermore, not very many settings can be adjusted. GOOSE VPN also focuses primarily on user-friendliness and the corresponding target group.


At the time of writing, Ironsocket only has a software client for Windows. This client bears the name “EasyVPNConnect”. The software client is somewhat basic but there are a number of important and nice options to be found in the client. For example, there is DNS leak protection, you can set the app to start automatically when Windows starts, you can choose between the OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocol and there is a “drop protection” that ensures that apps are closed in the the VPN connection is lost.

In the screenshot above you can see the software if it is not yet connected. By simply clicking on the “slider” button, GOOSE VPN will connect to the server of your choice. In this screenshot we have selected a English server on which P2P (peer to peer) is allowed.

All in all, the software for the laptop and computer works very easily and clearly, it does exactly what it should do. We therefore experience the GOOSE VPN software as good.

GOOSE VPN apps for iOS and Android

GOOSE VPN has released an app for both Android and iOS (for the iPhone and the iPad). With these apps you can easily connect to the VPN servers of GOOSE VPN. Just as with the software for laptops and computers, our experience with both apps during the review period is simply good. Everything works well and intuitively, when the app opens you immediately see how it works.

Below you can see a screenshot of the GOOSE VPN Android app. The app for iPhone and iPad looks similar. GOOSE VPN also scores well here in terms of user convenience.

Manual for other devices

Because GOOSE VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol, it is in principle also possible to connect with other software and devices to the VPN servers of GOOSE VPN. On the website of the VPN provider you will find clear manuals on how you can also set up the VPN connections from GOOSE on other devices. For example, consider manuals for the following devices:

  • Routers
  • Computers with a Linux distribution
  • Raspberry pi with Linux
  • NAS equipment from Synology

Privacy and security

GOOSE VPN indicates that they do not keep logs of their users. This means that it is not recorded which data you send and receive, for example, it is not possible to check which websites you visit and which files you download. It is a real plus of Goose VPN that no logs are kept. In our VPN reviews it is always a plus when VPN services do not keep logs about their users. It is simply better for privacy when no data is kept.

Technical security also seems to be in order, so you can opt for OpenVPN or IKEv2. We almost always recommend using OpenVPN, because the encryption is very strong and because it is open source. IKEv2 is not open source but the encryption is good. IKEv2 has the advantage that it is easier to reconnect when a connection is lost, for example when you enter a tunnel and lose your internet connection. This protocol can therefore be the best choice on a smartphone.

The encryption used for the data is AES-256 Bit encryption. This is a very strong encryption. This is unbreakable due to the strongest computers of today.

It is important to realize that GOOSE VPN operates from the UK. The UK belongs to the so-called “9 eyes surveillance alliance” countries. This means that data, if necessary forced, about a certain person or organization must be shared with the other countries in this cooperation. This is by definition not good for the privacy of the GOOSE VPN user.

Automatic connection

As indicated earlier, it is possible to choose to make a connection automatically in the software. You can have the client start automatically when you start your device and you can also set a VPN connection to be made with a GOOSE VPN server automatically.

Kill switch

The kill switch is an option that ensures that all internet traffic is blocked if the VPN connection is lost. Such a function prevents sensitive data from being accidentally sent and / or received via the standard internet connection. This data can be unencrypted and also goes directly to and from your IP address.

GOOSE VPN has made this kill switch option available on Windows, MacOS and iOS. So if you use Android, you don’t have a kill switch, which is a shame.

Speed ​​and stability GOOSE VPN

The speed is of course important when using a VPN service. For this review we tested the speed through a server in Amsterdam, which is the closest thing to that.

The download and upload speed via the GOOSE VPN server was slightly slower than the original connection. Where we achieved 100 Mbit / s per second without a VPN connection, we did 78 Mbit / s with a VPN. The upload went from 10 Mbit / s to 8 Mbit / s. These are acceptable speeds for us when you want to use a VPN to surf safely and use public Wi-Fi networks. But actually the speeds achieved are substandard. If you want to download via VPN, you are advised to look for a faster VPN service. You can find the fastest VPNs on this page .

The stability turned out to be pretty good during our review. During 2 days of testing we nevertheless suffered from a lost connection a number of times. We therefore have varying experiences with the connections and speed of GOOSE VPN. These are 2 important properties of a VPN and this is also a major disadvantage of GOOSE VPN.

GOOSE VPN itself states on the website that they sometimes have overloaded servers. These overloaded servers can cause a slower connection. GOOSE asks you to report this if this is the case and then they will resolve that quickly. Yet we read more stories on the internet where people complain about the quality of the connections.

Torrenting with GOOSE VPN

In the GOOSE VPN software you can clearly see on which servers p2p is allowed or not. The servers are sufficient for this moment, as soon as the servers become too busy, GOOSE VPN says it will ensure that more servers become available so that the speed remains high enough.

Because downloading torrents is allowed, it is therefore also possible to use GOOSE VPN with Popcorn Time. Then it is possible for people to hide their IP via a VPN connection from GOOSE VPN .

Downloading via torrent or other p2p networks is still somewhat limited at GOOSE VPN. If you plan to download a lot, the cheapest package may be too limited, because you have a data limit of 50 gigabytes per month. With the more expensive package you have unlimited data, which in itself is suitable as a torrent VPN . The speed leaves something to be desired. And that is a big disadvantage when downloading.


The costs for using GOOSE VPN have decreased again in recent months after they were again more expensive. They have slightly adjusted the entire price structure. Previously there was a subscription with a data limit, but now they seem to have completely abandoned it. At the time of writing, it is possible to choose between a 2-year, 1-year or 1-month subscription. The price per month becomes lower as you take out a longer subscription.

At the time of writing you pay € 2.99 per month for a subscription that you take out for 2 in 1 go. With a year subscription, the converted monthly price is € 4.99 and with a monthly renewal you pay € 12.99 per month.

The price of € 2.99 is a high price compared to other providers, for example you can use the better service Surfshark for a lower price.

Below you can see the price overview of the different subscription, this is a screenshot of the website of GOOSE VPN.

Free trial period

An advantage of GOOSE VPN is that you can try the service for free for a month. The first month you pay nothing at all and that is nice, because you do get the full service. In this way you can easily discover whether GOOSE VPN suits you well. At the end of the trial period you can easily choose to stop the subscription or do nothing and thus keep the option of continuing to use GOOSE VPN.

Bypass geographic blockades

Many people use a VPN service so that they can view certain content in other countries. Consider, for example, watching RTL XL on vacation or watching YouTube videos whose content is not available in a certain country. For example, when you connect to a server in the UK, you can also view the content from abroad that is missed on an NPO broadcast that can normally only be viewed in the UK.

This also applies to videos that can normally only be watched in the United States. With the service of GOOSE VPN you can also view this when you are in the UK or a country other than America.

GOOSE VPN not suitable for Netlix

GOOSE VPN does not work with Netflix at the time of writing . When GOOSE VPN was still relatively small, it worked great to look over Netflix over a VPN connection from GOOSE. However, it has recently become clear that Netflix also knows how to distinguish the GOOSE VPN and therefore appears to be blocking. GOOSE VPN tries to indicate on its own site that Netflix should be watched via GOOSE VPN, but this is not the case. GOOSE VPN is not a good Netflix VPN .

Kodi in combination with GOOSE VPN

Many people use a VPN to bypass geographic blockades in Kodi. For example, they want to use the HULU add-on. When GOOSE VPN is connected you can simply open KODI and the traffic from KODI will pass over the VPN connection.

In addition, it is possible to set up a connection with a GOOSE VPN server with the OPENVPN add-on of kodi. This means that GOOSE is suitable for kodi and also possibly for Openelec. We have a special page about Kodi with VPN with more information about setting up a vpn connection in Kodi.

English TV abroad

In many countries outside the UK you cannot watch the popular online broadcasts of English broadcasters. Think of Ziggo Go, KPN interactive TV and even the NPO app does not broadcast much abroad.

With a VPN connection to a English server of GOOSE VPN, it is suddenly possible to watch the programs that are normally blocked abroad. With GOOSE VPN from abroad look at Ziggo Go , Uitzending Gemist and other apps that you would like to see.

English customer service and software

Because the service is a English company, the website, customer service and software are available in English. This is of course ideal if your English is not that good. In addition, it is nice to use a VPN company from the UK.

In addition, it is of course nice to know that you can easily arrange things in English with your subscription, such as canceling.

Many people will see English-language customer service as a big plus. This has already led to many positive experiences with this VPN service.

Conclusion, our GOOSE VPN experience

GOOSE VPN is a VPN service with an easy and well-arranged user interface. The software that is used for this is available for the most used operating systems so that everyone can easily use this VPN service.

The quality of the VPN connections with the GOOSE VPN servers turned out to be slightly less during our review. The connections work but are at times slow and faltering. This is of course a major disadvantage when using a VPN service.

The price for a GOOSE VPN subscription is average. It is true that you have much better alternatives for the same money. Examples of this are CyberGhost , Surfshark and NordVPN.

We also like that GOOSE VPN is a starting English company. We can recommend this service for people who are looking for an easy-to-use VPN service for safe internet browsing and  anonymous surfing . Our experiences with GOOSE VPN have been a test period and everything seemed to work well.