Free VPN services, the best choice in free VPN servers

In this article you can read which VPN services offer a free VPN connection. There are only VPNs on this list that offer their VPN servers for free for a longer period of time, the so-called free VPN services. VPN providers with a free trial period can therefore not be found in this overview.

You will find brief information about the various free services listed, so you can read about the minus and plus points of the free VPN subscription that we name.

It should be noted in advance that online services are never really free. The software of the various providers is always provided with the possibility to expand to paid versions of the program and / or other advertisements. In addition, it is also important to know that the free VPN connections often have a limitation, in most cases this is a data limit. So if you are looking for a VPN solution that you really want to use often, we recommend a paid service without restrictions. In our overview of best VPN providers you will find the best choices we think therein. 
Instead of a free VPN, we can recommend a cheap VPN service, namely Surfshark. For a very low price you get a perfect and very professional VPN service. It is then not completely free, but it makes little difference. 

The best free VPN providers

If you are wondering which free VPN connection is the best then you are in the right place here. Below is the list of providers that offer a free VPN account. These free VPN connections naturally all work in the UK and Belgium.

You will not find companies with a free trial period or “money back guarantee” below. We don’t think that is a free VPN service. Below you will only find VPN services with a truly free subscription that you can use for an unlimited time.


Windscribe offers a very interesting free VPN service. We think this is also one of the better choices when you are looking for a free service. Like all services, this VPN also has its limitations and disadvantages, but these seem to be less demanding than competitors. That is why this free VPN is the number 1 in this overview.

With the free subscription from Windscribe VPN, the data limit is very high. You can use 10 Gigabytes for free every month. In addition, you can also connect to the free subscription with many devices at the same time (the data will of course go up faster).

Windscribe naturally also offers apps for both Android and iOS. With the free subscription you can therefore simply use the VPN connections on your iPhone, iPad , Android phone and Android tablet.

A small disadvantage of the free subscription is that you can only use a limited number of servers. These are there at the time of writing 11. Because these servers can be very busy because everyone with a free subscription uses these servers, the speed on the free servers may be a bit disappointing. VPN

In our opinion, has 1 of the most attractive options for a free VPN service. Just like with the other services mentioned, there are of course certain limitations at But these limitations are more favorable than with the other free VPN subscriptions.

With the free subscription from, the biggest limitation is that there is a data limit of 2 gigabytes per month. For normal use you can go a long way with this. Another “limitation” is that you cannot necessarily utilize the optimum speed of the service, this depends on how busy the server you are connecting to. Paying users get priority over the speed over free subscriptions. Even if this is the case, there is still 3 Mbit / s.

Moreover, it is also allowed to download torrents with the free subscription, which is not allowed with the 2 other free VPN providers. And of course there is good software for Windows, Mac, Android and the iPhone / iPad (iOS) with this free VPN ..

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TunnelBear also offers a free VPN version of their service. The free subscription is called “Little” by TunnelBear. The free VPN service simply gives you access to all servers at full speed. The service has good privacy conditions and the encryption and protocol that are used are all reliable. Tunnelbear also has good software for all known operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

Tunnelbear is, according to 1 of the better VPN services for iOS. This is because of the ease of use and the options that you get. If you are looking for the best free VPN for your iPad and / or iPhone, Tunnelbear is highly recommended as a free VPN provider.

Of course this free version also has a limitation. This is only 1 limitation but it is immediately a very serious limitation. There is a limitation in the use of data for the free VPN service. A maximum of 500 mb of data may be used per month. If you promote the company on Twitter, you can still get 500 MB per month.

Here you will also find more information about this company: TunnelBear review . 


ZenMate is a German company that has a free-to-use extension for Chrome and for Firefox there is an add-on. And a free VPN app has been developed for both the iPhone and Android devices.

The biggest limitation of the free ZenMate service is that for the desktop, Mac and Windows computers, only a browser extension can be used. You cannot then use the VPN connection for retrieving your mail, for example. In addition, you are limited to the use of servers in 4 different countries. The free VPN app works fully on smartphones. 
You can find the comprehensive review of ZenMate Premium here . 

How to use a free VPN

To use 1 of the free VPN providers above, take the following steps:

  1. You visit the website of the free VPN of your choice.
  2. Create an account, this is necessary for downloading the software.
  3. Download the free VPN software from the relevant site and install this software and / or app.
  4. In the software you simply press the connect button and you have a free VPN connection.

Try VPN for free

In addition, there are also a large number of VPN services that offer a free trial period. With most VPN providers this is a short period of up to 7 days, often in the form of a money-back guarantee. This means that you pay in advance, but if you cancel within the set time you will get your money back. This way you can also use a free VPN connection.

There is also a English VPN service where you can use the paid subscription and the associated VPN connection for a whole month free of charge. This is GOOSE VPN , but we cannot really recommend this service.

Free VPN connection without data limit

The data limits of the free VPN services are often the biggest problem for the user. Of course you want to be able to use a VPN simply unlimited. For example, if you want to use your free VPN to watch English TV abroad, you will soon exceed the data limit. The same applies if you want to use the VPN connection for free to prevent download fines .

There are free VPN services, such as Hola VPN but this is a service that we find very unreliable as you can read in the review. The characteristic of that service is that your internet connection is used as for other people to connect to. This means that it is possible that others misuse your connection, which could possibly cause you problems. We find this very unethical practice and therefore strongly advise against this service.

Free VPN app and software

All the above services have apps and software for all commonly used operating systems. These free VPN subscriptions therefore work well on the most used devices in the UK, both the portable devices and telephones and tablets as well as the computers and laptops. You can download the VPN apps and software for free after you have created an account with the VPN provider of your choice.

PC and laptop

For Windows and MacOS, software has been created with the widest and most extensive functions. This is simply due to the fact that developers are given more freedom to perform functions on the operating system and can therefore build in more functionality. In addition, the PC and laptop are the devices on which VPN connections are used most.

The above free VPN services all have good software for both Windows and MacOS. For the free VPN subscriptions, the software is the same as when you opt for a paid VPN subscription. You simply have a data limit and / or fewer servers at your disposal in the software.

Android and iOS free VPN apps

The aforementioned VPN services have good free VPN apps for both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). With such an app you can use a VPN connection on your smartphone and tablet for free. The date restrictions and other restrictions that apply to the account naturally also apply to the free VPN app.

This is ideal if you want to use Wi-Fi in public areas safely . For example if you just want to make a bank transfer or log in to your mail.

Free VPN for Linux

Installing a VPN connection on Linux is also easy. For example, most of the free VPN services that we mention above provide a comprehensive and clear explanation for installation on Linux. Zenmate is even working on a special client for Ubuntu.

Often not enough for Popcorn Time and Netflix

People are often asked which free VPN service is suitable for Popcorn Time and / or Netflix. Honesty obliges us to say that they are not actually there.

This is due to the fact that the free services have a data limit. Because a movie can quickly become a few gigabytes, you will not achieve this with the limited VPN services. If you are looking for a good VPN for Popcorn Time you can read our special page on this subject. We also have a special page for information about VPN services that work to watch the American Netflix in the UK .

Which free VPN service should I choose?

Since these services are really free, it is definitely worth giving the above services a try. We believe these are the best free VPN services. You will discover for yourself if there is a free VPN service that fits your needs. All in all, we can say that free in the term free VPN is not really free. You always run into certain restrictions with the free subscriptions.

A good option may be to use Zenmate on your phone and to use the free VPN service from Windscribe and / or for the heavier work o