Anonymous download with VPN, explanation and best choices

It is a fact that governments want to take increasingly strict action against people who download. It is therefore logical that people look for possibilities to download anonymously. Certainly when you download files with the torrent protocol, it is easy for everyone to see what you are downloading. Whether it is illegal or legal what you are downloading, we believe that other people do not need to see which files you upload and download. We think anonymity is a great asset on the internet , that should be everyone’s own choice. And you can easily create this privacy with a VPN .

There are different ways to hide your IP so that nobody can be what you download. Whether you do this with torrents or in another way. Below you can read about the different options for anonymous downloading and uploading. On this page you will find the following information.

Anonymous download via VPN

The easiest solution is to use a VPN connection for download. With a VPN connection, all your internet traffic is encrypted and routed via a VPN server. As a result, external parties have the idea that the IP address of the VPN server is the IP address of the user, you hide your own IP address . In addition, all data traffic between your device and the VPN server is encrypted, which means that it is also not possible for internet providers or other parties to see which data you send and receive. And so your download behavior is made anonymous with a VPN. You do need a VPN service subscription . With such a subscription you get the possibility to use the VPN servers of that VPN service.

Using a VPN connection sounds very difficult but is actually very easy. After you have created an account with the VPN service of your choice, you can easily download the VPN service software. After you have installed this software you can easily connect to a VPN server of your choice. From that moment you can connect and download anonymously.

Best VPN services for anonymous download

Not all VPN services allow downloading content via p2p (peer to peer) such as Bittorrent. Below you will find 3 VPN services that allow it and that also have the right features for anonymous downloading. For example, we have only selected VPN services with fast connections, you naturally want your file to be received as quickly as possible. We have also made a list of fastest VPNs . It is also important that the VPN service in question does not keep logs of its users. If the VPN providers do not store what you do, that information can never be provided to other parties.

Best VPN providers for online anonymity

Below you will find the best VPN services that we believe offer the best anonymity. We paid particular attention to the privacy policy, the logging policy, and the jurisdiction in which the VPN provider operates.


ExpressVPN is known for the very good speed. In addition, they allow downloading via p2p networks. In terms of speed you are also more than good at ExpressVPN. According to our tests 1 they have the fastest network, this is of course so great if you want to download large files anonymously.

Moreover, the service itself indicates that it does not keep user logs. In concrete terms, this means that it is not known exactly what you do with your VPN connection. If your use is not saved, it cannot be viewed. 

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NordVPN is popular VPN service because of different features. The speed and privacy that they can offer are two of them. That is why we think this service is very suitable for anonymous download. The service does not store any information about how users behave via the VPN connection. For example, it does not track which websites you visit and which files you download. This data can therefore not be passed on. This makes it possible to download anonymously.

In addition, the price of NordVPN is more attractive than that of ExpressVPN. If you simply don’t want to spend that much but still want an extremely good VPN service, NordVPN is a good choice for anonymous downloading. 


A slightly less attractive-looking VPN is that of the AirVPN . Yet it is 1 of VPN services that best values ​​your privacy. The service was set up by a number of technical cyber activists who thought that more privacy should be possible for internet users. They have therefore made a very secure client. The software is only available for Windows and OS X. But you can probably only actually download on your computer.

If you want to use the AirVPN servers on your mobile, that is possible. You can then download the OpenVPN Connect app and install it in the app store of iOS and Android. 

Anonymous download with Bittorrent in different ways

Certainly when you use Bittorrent, it is interesting to be able to download anonymously. Within the Bittorrent network it is possible to find out which IP address is downloading what. With the Bittorrent protocol, it is true that everyone downloads small pieces of 1 file from each other. So, for example, when you download Ubuntu, you can see in the Torrent client which more IP address is downloading and therefore uploading. Especially since the message came out that download fines are coming for people who use Bittorrent, this is interesting.


Another way to download Torrents anonymously is through a Socks5 proxy. You can set your torrent client such as uTorrent, Vuze or other torrent software so that it only downloads via a Socks5 proxy. When you do this all your download and upload traffic goes through this so-called torrent proxy. The rest of the Bitorrent network then has the idea that the ip address of the proxy is your ip address. Your IP remains hidden in any case .

Please note that this is only usable for people who want to download anonymously via torrents. You know for sure that both uploading and downloading are now done anonymously, very important with torrents.

Download anonymous torrents with Synology

There are also many people who use a Synology NAS to download content. Synology has an option to connect to a VPN server in order to be able to download unseen. In our opinion, this option is somewhat limited, for example there is no kill switch to protect you if the VPN connection is lost. All the traffic from your Synology will then also go over the VPN connection. This has the effect that you can no longer log in to your Synology from outside.

Another option is to install qbittorrent within Docker of the Synology control system. There, it is possible with a Socks5 proxy to only let your bittorrent traffic pass through another server.

Anonymous download with Spotnet and from newsgroups

 popular way to download NZB files is through newsgroups, also called Usenet and / or Spotnet. Here too it is understandable that you would rather do this anonymously than that it is clear what you are downloading.

The easiest way to download anonymously via newsgroups is also with a VPN. This is simply the easiest because all internet traffic goes through a different server and is also encrypted. Also compared to other ways to go on the internet anonymously, VPN is simply fast, something that is so nice when downloading. A VPN also works great in combination with Grabit.

Seed box

Seed boxes are in fact servers that you can order to download files for you. This is possible both via Bittorrent and via newsgroups at most Seedbox providers. Because your computer does not download directly from the source but because the Seedbox does this, you are basically downloading anonymously.

When this is downloaded on the server you can download the file yourself from the server or in the case of a media file stream. However, a disadvantage of this is that the traffic between your computer and the server is not necessarily encrypted, if someone watches, he or she knows exactly what you are downloading. In addition, you will have to pay a lot for a seedbox. In principle you rent a (part of a) server. As you know, most of the files you download are large, so this requires a lot of bandwidth and disk space and you have to pay for that.

Use Tor network for anonymous download

Then of course you also have the tor network that you can use to make yourself anonymous on the internet. Your data is sent to your computer in so many separate, inimitable pieces that no one can see exactly who is downloading and uploading what. This is a very safe way to download anonymously, but it is a lot slower than the previously mentioned solutions. Due to the speed, this solution is actually unusable.

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Anonymous on iPhone and Android

It is also possible to surf anonymously on your iPhone and Android device. All the large and well-known VPN providers do have an app for both iOS and Android devices. When you install this you can easily connect to a VPN server to surf anonymously.

In addition, there are also VPN providers that let you easily surf anonymously with other devices and operating systems. Private Internet Access, for example, has an installation script for Ubuntu and there are also providers who have a clear explanation for installation on a DD-WRT router . When you install a VPN connection on your router, all your internet traffic is encrypted and it goes through a different IP address than the IP address you received from your own provider.