CyberGhost review

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Reliability - 9/10

Features CyberGhost

Cyberghost is a VPN service that operates from Romania. They focus in particular on the user-friendliness of their service and software. In addition, privacy is also a very important spearhead of them, as evidenced by the fact that they operate from Romania and indicate that they do not keep logs.

With Cyberghost it is possible to connect 7 devices at the same time with 1 subscription. This is a good number for people who want to use multiple devices at the same time via a VPN or when you might want to share 1 subscription with others.

The operation and features of this service are detailed and clearly described below in the CyberGhost review. Discover our experience and choose whether this VPN service is for you.


The VPN service has no fewer than 3770 servers in 60 countries. These are very many servers and also more than enough locations for most people who want to use a VPN connection. So you can easily see geographically blocked content from all over the world with CyberGhost VPN. From abroad, for example, you can easily watch English TV because there are enough VPN servers from CyberGhost in the UK.

On the CyberGhost website you can also easily see how busy each server is. For example, you can properly determine to which server you can best connect. It is also noticeable on this card that in some parts of the world there are fewer servers than in other parts of the world. This can be annoying when you are in a location where there is no VPN server in the area, this can namely considerably reduce the speed of a VPN connection, in Africa and Asia this is the case.

The use of CyberGhost

CyberGhost has very good applications for all known devices and operating systems. For Windows, MacOS, Iphone / Ipad and Android devices, there is an easy-to-use application that allows you to use all the possibilities of the CyberGhost VPN connections.

CyberGhost software is innovative and differs from other providers’ software in many areas. The software has been greatly improved lately and that has benefited the service. What all these improvements entail you can read below and see on the pictures.

CyberGhost for Windows and MacOS

CyberGhost has not sat still in terms of design and user-friendliness of the Windows and MacOS VPN application. This has recently been improved. The latest version, version 7, works very well in our experience. The screenshots below were made in Windows, but on MacOS it looks the same and the same functions can be found.

As soon as you start the software you will see a screen with which you can easily connect to the best server. This server is considered the best because of the speed and pressure on that server. This will often be a VPN server that is geographically close by; with this you probably have the highest speed. You can also choose popular servers in the standard screen; for example, to stream the American Netflix or watch BBC iPlayer. Below you see 3 screenshots of the window that you see when you launch CyberGhost.

1. screen without connection, 2. dropdown with popular server 3. if you are connected.

When you click on “More servers”, the screen pops out and you have an extensive choice from all server locations that CyberGhost has. The number of servers and the number of locations available is very large. They also have special torrent VPN servers and special streaming VPN servers. You can find this under the relevant tab on the left. Below a screenshot for more clarity.

In the tabs on the left you can also set some other things. For example, under the “connection features” tab you can activate an ad blocker, block all tracking attempts and force https connections. These are good options and many people will gratefully use them.

At “Smart rules” you can also set CyberGhost to start automatically when you start up Windows or MacOS. You can also choose there that a VPN connection is made automatically when you start CyberGhost. In Settings you have the option to set more technical issues. Not many people will use it, but for people who want a lot of control over their VPN connection, this is a great option.

CyberGhost on your smartphone and tablet

For Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone ), apps are available to use the internet securely with your mobile devices. These apps are just as intuitive as the applications on the computer and laptop. These are available in the Google Play Store and in the App Store for Android and iOS respectively.

We have made a screenshot for this CyberGhost review of 3 screens in Android. This way you can see how the app works. The screens look the same on iOS.

1. server overview 2. when you are connected. 3. different settings

You can also disable the ad blocker and tracking blocker on mobile devices. You also have the option to set how CyberGhost reacts to Wi-Fi networks. All in all, our experiences with the CyberGhost applications for iOS and Android are very good.

Chrome and Firefox extension

CyberGhost VPN has made an addon and extension for Firefox and Chrome respectively. These browser extensions are actually a proxy functionality and are not necessarily a VPN plugin.

The browser extension and addon give you a new ip address for the outside world and encryption is also added to your data traffic via the browser. It is therefore ideal to bypass geographic blockades, but it is less suitable to fully protect your privacy.

All in all, we regard this addon and extension as a plus in this CyberGhost review. Certainly because both are free to install and free to use. Just be aware that this addition to your browser does not give you the same complete security and anonymity of a complete installation.

Other operating systems

Other systems on which people often want to use a VPN connection are often Linux systems. You can install Linux on a laptop or computer, for example. But also on more exotic devices such as the Raspberry Pi and various other systems, Linux is used as the operating system. CyberGhost is one of the few VPN providers that offers a very good option for getting the VPN to work easily on Linux equipment. For example, it is also very easy to connect to a CyberGhost VPN server with Kodi or Openelec. This is also 1 of the reasons that CyberGhost is 1 of the best VPNs for Kodi in our opinion.

You can create configuration files in the dashboard of your CyberGhost account on the website. These configuration files can load exactly the right settings to the device with which you want to connect the VPN. They have thought this very cleverly and well at CyberGhost.

Speed ​​of CyberGhost servers

The speed of CyberGhost has improved since the last changes in the company. More servers have been added all over the world and the servers have all been updated, making it all much faster. This is really noticeable. In addition, the free CyberGhost subscription has ceased to exist. This means that fewer people use CyberGhost’s servers, which in turn has a positive effect on speed and stability.

The speeds have proven really good in our test. By default our connection has 251.8 Mbps maximum download and maximum upload of 37.2 Mbps. During our multiple test connections with CyberGhost we saw very good speeds. For example, we averaged a download speed of 131.4 Mbps and an upload of 32.2 Mbps. This is very good compared to other VPN providers.

Privacy and security of CyberGhost

In terms of technical safety, it is well organized at CyberGhost. The OpenVPN protocol is used as standard in the software of CyberGhost. The OpenVPN protocol is known as very secure. And 256-bit AES encryption is used. No one could decipher this data without a password. The PTPP and L2TP standard can also be used, but are less secure and should therefore be avoided as much as possible when you use a VPN for your privacy.

CyberGhost’s head office is in Romania. Here the rules regarding data retention are much less strict than in many other countries in the world. In addition, the company itself indicates that it has a zero-log policy, they say they do not log data that can be used to check which website an individual has visited.

CyberGhost publishes a “transparency report” once in a while, in which they tell how often organizations have requested personal data. This mainly concerns DMCA requests and requests from the police. You will also find there which reaction they send back to the requesting party as standard. In any case, it means that they do not keep logs and therefore cannot share information. In addition, they indicate that if, for example, the American police wants to know something, they must arrange it through the Romanian authorities.

Automatic connection

For Windows software only, CyberGhost has an option in the software that allows you to choose to have CyberGhost start automatically when Windows starts. Furthermore, there are no options to connect to a VPN server automatically. This is not in itself a disaster but in our eyes it is a missed opportunity.

Secure connect: the kill switch option

The Cyberghost software does have a kill switch, an option that ensures that all traffic is blocked as long as there is no VPN connection. This option is only called “Secure Connect” by CyberGhost. This option is enabled by default and works on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

Force good DNS

In the settings you can determine that a DNS server from CyberGhost is used. This option is enabled by default. This way a DNS leak is prevented, something that can expose your surfing behavior.

Watch Netflix via CyberGhost

To watch the American Netflix, CyberGhost has specifically deployed various servers. In the software you can filter on streaming servers. These are servers that are specially set up to allow you to view various geographically blocked content from all over the world as well as possible. For example, you will also find a special German server for streaming German television , but also for Netflix.

Because Netflix VPN users are trying to block their service, we have extensively tested whether they also succeed with CyberGhost users. After watching the American Netflix for 3 days via the CyberGhost servers, we can say that CyberGhost works well to watch Netflix. CyberGhost itself says that it is also actively working to bypass the VPN blockade that Netflix is ​​trying to maintain, so it appears to be successful.

It should be mentioned here that Netflix is ​​actively trying to block VPN connections. So it may be that CyberGhost works today and no longer tomorrow. On the other hand, CyberGhost is immediately working on a new solution to make Netflix accessible to its users. Moreover, CyberGhost has so many servers that there are always several with which you can watch Netflix, Netflix can never block them all at the same time.

CyberGhost's dedicated IP address

Nowadays it is also possible to purchase a dedicated IP address from CyberGhost. The advantage of a dedicated IP address is that you can whitelist your VPN IP address on certain online services. In addition, it is still possible to access your computer connected to a VPN from outside. Something that is not possible with a VPN with a shared or shared IP address.

The cost for such a dedicated IP address is currently $ 5 per month. This is a common amount compared to other VPN providers that offer a dedicated IP address.

Download torrents with Cyberghost

As you can read above, Cyberghost is good in terms of privacy. For downloaders, this is nice to know. In addition, it is important for the same group to know that it is allowed to use CyberGhost’s VPN connections for downloading torrents.

If you want to use Bittorrent over the VPN connection of CyberGhost you are stuck to certain servers. So you cannot download torrents from every CyberGhost server. Fortunately, there are more than enough servers available that you can use for your Bittorrent downloads. In the software you can easily see on which server it is allowed and you can easily select this when you want to download with Bittorrent.

CyberGhost costs

The costs of CyberGhost are clear, there are basically 4 options. All the packages have the same functionality, but the price per month is determined by the length of the subscription that you take out. The longer the subscription you take out, the lower the price becomes.

For example, you pay € 12.99 per month for a 1-month subscription. But when you take out a 3-year subscription you only pay $ 2.75 a month. There are also subscriptions that can be taken out for 1 or 2 years. A 1-year subscription costs you $ 5.99 per month and for a 2-year subscription that price is $ 3.69 per month.

The costs for a 3-year subscription in particular are very attractive for a VPN service, compared to ExpressVPN , for example , the costs are very low. We believe that CyberGhost is one of the best cheap VPNs .

Below you can see a screenshot of the prices of the CyberGhost website.

30 Day money back guarantee, try CyberGhost for free

With every subscription you have the possibility to reclaim your money within 30 days. This is possible without giving a reason and is easy to do. So if you are not satisfied you will not lose any money if you indicate this within 30 days.

These 30 days can be seen as a kind of free trial. We do not entirely agree with this, because you have to pay before you can test it for 30 days for free.

Conclusion, our experience with CyberGhost

CyberGhost has a nice service. There are many servers spread over many, many locations. This means that a server can always be found close by for a fast connection. Or a server in another country to bypass a geographical blockade there.

The policy they use to value the user’s privacy seems to be in order. It helps that the head office is in Romania. We have not been able to find messages on the internet announcing that the privacy of users has been compromised.

The infrastructure could be slightly better, on some servers the connection may be a bit slow around certain times. Fortunately, you can always easily switch servers with the fantastic software that can be downloaded on the CyberGhost website. We also regularly tested this with this review.

The experience with CyberGhost VPN has been very good overall. We can therefore warmly recommend this service, certainly because the service has a money-back guarantee of 30 days.