CactusVPN Review

From $ 4.58 a month

Speed - 7/10
Usability - 9/10
Price - 8/10
Reliability - 7/10


  • Software for: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP
  • Pay with: Credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Max simultaneous connections: 3
  • Country of residence: Moldova
  • Log policy: limited logs


CactusVPN is a VPN provider that has been on the market for a relatively short time. It is therefore (still) a small party compared to other VPN providers . Despite the fact that it is a small party, we think the service has many things very well organized.

The service handles privacy and security very well. Because we find this a very important feature, this VPN service already has an advantage. On this page you will find, among other things, what they do to ensure privacy and how they guarantee security.

In this CactusVPN review we will thoroughly test all important features and their use. In this way you can decide on the basis of our experiences whether this VPN service suits you.

CactusVPN servers

The supply of servers from CactusVPN is still somewhat limited, there are not servers in particularly many countries. They currently have 20 servers in 9 countries. This includes the most important countries for most people: the UK, United Kingdom and the United States.

Special servers have been set up for download traffic via Bittorrent. And there are servers themselves with a 1 Gbit / s connection that must guarantee a fast connection.

What CactusVPN does differently from other VPN services is that, depending on the plan that you purchase, it is determined to which servers you have access. You will find more information about this in the costs section on this page.

CactusVPN software

A client is available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. There are also clear instructions available on the website to set up the CactusVPN on Windows Mobile.

For this review of CactusVPN we tested the software for the different platforms. We can already tell you in advance that the CactusVPN software is perfectly in order and easy to use. Below you will also find our experiences per platform.

Windows client

We are very happy with the client that CactusVPN has released for Windows. It has some extra options compared to other VPN services, so you can read what that is.

The software looks nice and clear. When you start the software for the first time you will have to enter your login details that you have received. You then have a choice of different countries, you select here where the server must be located with which you want to connect. You can also choose which protocol you want to use, we always recommend OpenVPN.

Apps killer settings

A feature that makes us very happy and in which CactusVPN distinguishes itself from other VPN clients is that they have an app killer. This is a kill switch for specific applications. For example, you can set your torrent client to stop when CactusVPN loses the VPN connection. You can see this in the screenshot.

All in all, the Windows software works really easily and well. We are positive in our review about the many setting options. Moreover, the settings are easy to adjust, even for the less technical persons.

MacOS same as Windows client

The big difference with the Windows client is that there is no support for the SSTP protocol. You won’t really miss this if you plan to use OpenVPN or L2TP / IPsec.

The apps killer functionality has also been added to the client for the Mac OS. So also very positive.


A good and easy-to-use app has also been developed for Android smartphones and tablets. This app can be found on the website and also in Google’s Play Store.

Select location

The interface of the CactusVPN Android app is also clear and easy to use. There are fewer settings than on the Windows client. But this makes sense and use for a VPN app. For example, there is only OpenVPN available and there is no kill switch or apps killer option on the Android app. You can easily fill in which port you want to use for the connection, ideal if, for example, a certain port is blocked in your network.

However, you can easily choose a country where the server must be located to which you want to connect. And also the actual connection to the VPN server is done with 1 push of a button.

iOS app

We can already reveal that CactusVPN scores very well on these points. Firstly, no user data is logged. It is therefore not recorded which websites are visited and what data is sent and received.

You also have the option to create an account completely anonymously and to pay anonymously with for example Bitcoin.

The company is based in Moldova and therefore also falls under that jurisdiction. The provider is not bothered by a government that can just claim data from users of the service. This is therefore also a plus.

The technical security is also good for each other at CactusVPN. For example, a 256-bit AES encryption is applied to the OpenVPN protocol. 256-bit encryption is also offered for L2TP / IPSec.

Application killer

The leakage of information outside the encrypted VPN tunnel is a danger if a VPN connection is lost. CactusVPN has come up with something smart. In their Windows software they have made it possible to close certain programs when the VPN connection is lost. You can set the programs yourself.

In our view, this is an improvement over a kill switch function that shuts down all internet traffic when the VPN connection is lost. You can decide for yourself which software should still maintain access to the internet and which not. The internet traffic of your Bittorrent client is, for example, interesting to stop when a VPN connection is lost.

Speed ​​CactusVPN

The internet speed that you achieve when you are connected to 1 of the CactusVPN servers can be called average. We noticed a delay in our internet connection while we were connected. However, the speed remained fast enough for good surfing and streaming high definition content was also no problem.

To perform the test as fairly as possible, we used a server nearby, namely in Amsterdam. We do this with all our reviews of VPN services. This allows us to objectively determine which VPN is the fastest VPN .

Download with CactusVPN

Downloading via the various p2p platforms is permitted at CactusVPN. So the popular Bittorrent may also be used. A point for attention is that it is only permitted to download via Bittorrent via the English and Romanian servers. At the time of writing, these are 8 servers where Torrent download is possible.

For many people this is important and that is understandable. The government is getting stricter about downloading with Bittorrent. Anonymous downloading with a VPN is then desired, and CactusVPN appears to be perfectly suitable for this.

Netflix with CactusVPN

If you are looking for a VPN to handle foreign netflix, CactusVPN is not the right choice. They have given up the cat and mouse game, so when you use CactusVPN you cannot watch a movie or series on Netflix.

AirVPN on Synology

It is interesting for many people to activate a VPN connection on a NAS. Especially when people use the NAS and in particular the Synology Downlaod Station software for downloading, a VPN connection is important. With a VPN connection you can download torrents anonymously to prevent a download fine .

On the AirVPN forum there is a clear explanation how to set up an AirVPN VPN tunnel on your Synology. It is a simple step-by-step plan, so it is certainly possible to use AirVPN on your Synology.


CactusVPN does something different in their subscriptions than it is normally done. And the differences between cheaper and more expensive packages are different from other providers.

For example, the cheapest package is $ 4.99 per month (if you take a 1-year subscription). The most expensive package, on the other hand, costs $ 4.58 a month. With the cheaper package you have the choice of fewer servers than with the more expensive package. With the more expensive package you can choose all servers and with the cheaper package you can only use servers in 1 or 2 countries. Another difference is that with the more expensive package you also get direct access to Smart DNS.

Torrent file sharing with AirVPN

The VPN provider itself clearly states that file sharing over the AirVPN network is permitted. The use of Bittorrent or other file sharing services is therefore permitted and is not prohibited on the servers.

As an extra you can indicate in the client area of ​​the website that you want ports conditions in order to achieve the maximum speed with your torrents. There are also detailed instructions on the website on how to set up the various bittorrent or other file sharing software to download anonymously as quickly as possible and certainly . For example, you will find information about setting uTorrent and Qbittorrent.

Port forwarding

As indicated above, with AirVPN it is possible as one of the few services to forward porting at no extra cost. This is particularly useful when you want to be able to access services or servers from outside your own network. For example if you want to be able to use your local nas when you are out of the house, or if you have a web server online, want to be able to view an ip camera and so on.

Netflix with AirVPN not possible

Where some VPN services manage to bypass the Netflix blockade, AirVPN does not succeed. Currently, all AirVPN servers are blocked by Netflix. So you cannot watch your favorite series via this VPN service. AirVPN also does not focus on bypassing Netflix VPN blockade. They indicate that they prefer to improve the VPN service.

If you still like to see videos of the American content, it is best to read our page American Netflix in the UK . Here you will find various services where you can stream Netflix via a VPN connection.

Kodi in combination with AirVPN

With the help of the OpenVPN addon for Kodi you can easily connect to an AirVPN server of your choice. This also makes it suitable for Openelec on a Raspberry Pi for example.

With this OpenVPN addon and a VPN connection to an AirVPN server, it is easily possible to view all streams on Kodi via a VPN connection. This way you can watch the streams anonymously. For more information about using Kodi in combination with a VPN, view our special page about Kodi with a VPN .

Conclusion AirVPN

AirVPN is a very secure VPN provider that has a strong eye for privacy and is technically very reliable. Certainly for the slightly more technical people, this is a perfect VPN service. Our experiences with an VPN account from AirVPN are therefore very positive.

The software is a little less easy to use than the software from other VPN providers, but this is partly due to the fact that there are just a lot of settings that you can adjust yourself. It is a pity that no apps have been developed for Android and the iPhone.

When you are looking for a very stable VPN service that respects your privacy, AirVPN is a perfect choice. If you are looking for pure convenience, you may have to look a little further.