Best VPN providers in 2019

We have extensively tested many different VPN providers to find the best VPN. We have written a very complete review of every VPN tested. You can find these  reviews of all VPN providers here . Because we come to an average rating in these reviews, we can come to a top 4 overview of the best VPN services.

Further on this page explains how the tests were performed and why a specific VPN provider is located at a specific location. We test every VPN regularly to check whether we need to adjust the current score. We certainly do this with the top 4 below.

Do you just want to know quickly what we think is the best VPN? Below you can see our top 4 with a link to the VPN providers.

Designating the best VPN provider is a bit odd to do. This is mainly due to the fact that everyone has different wishes with regard to the use of the VPN. Different people have different wishes and expectations of using a VPN. For example, some people place a high value on privacy, while others think it is more important that the speed of the VPN server is very high. If you really do not know which VPN to choose, you can be confident that the VPN services mentioned above are perfectly suited to your wishes. A high score means that the VPN service scores well on several points.

To identify the best VPN provider, we have assessed the different VPN providers with figures on 4 points. From those 4 digits an average grade is calculated and this figure gives an overall indication of what we think of the service in question. On our page with the VPN providers you will find all VPN services that we have reviewed. You can also click through directly to the comprehensive review of all these VPN services.

We started with this best VPN list in 2016 and update this list with great regularity. The different providers occasionally change their software, terms and conditions, privacy policy, server park, price or other features. It is then important to regularly update this list so that we can provide the most accurate information. This list is therefore 2019 proof.

hat we pay attention to for the best VPN

To be able to give an opinion on the various VPN services, you naturally need a number of assessment criteria. On we pay attention to the following points in the assessment:

  • Speed: how fast is the connection to the VPN server? Very important if, for example, you want to stream video via your VPN provider.
  • User-friendliness: can you easily use the VPN service with different devices? Important for the less technically skilled among us. We have tested the operating systems of Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows with all VPN providers that you will find in this list.
  • Price: is the price much higher or much lower than the average price for a VPN service? And how is the price / quality ratio in general? Nobody likes to pay too much.
  • Reliability? It is important that the servers are always accessible. In addition, the connections must be stable.
  • How is privacy arranged? For example, we prefer services that do not store logs. In addition, we also look at the encryption method that the relevant VPN service uses. It should be possible, for example  anonymous surfing and anonymous downloading  with bittorrent example.

1. ExpressVPN

  • ExpressVPN does not keep logs, so a lot of privacy
  • Perfect software and apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • More than 1700 servers in more than 94 countries
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Very fast and stable connections with the VPN servers

ExpressVPN has really impressed us. They have been doing this for years and 2019 has so far not been an exception. That is the reason that this service is number 1 in our overview of best VPNs. Firstly, the quality of the VPN connections can be called high quality, these are fast and stable. Moreover, ExpressVPN has a huge number of servers that are distributed throughout the world. This means that you have a fast VPN connection available everywhere. Moreover, this extensive number of locations around the world ensures that you can view geographically blocked content from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the security and privacy of ExpressVPN is more than in order. No logs are kept of users, so that no data can be submitted to any third parties. In addition, the strongest encryption is used so that nobody can overhear you. In addition, the software has a kill switch that ensures that unintended encrypted data is not sent over the internet connection when the VPN connection fails for any reason.

The ExpressVPN software is also excellent. For Windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X and Android there is software that works perfectly and easily. 

Promotion: 3 months free with an annual subscription on ExpressVPN!

* Only valid via the links on our website. During the ordering of an annual subscription you will see this promotion on the ExpressVPN website.

2. Cyberghost

  • Lots of privacy with this VPN service
  • The cheapest premium VPN
  • Good applications for all devices
  • 7 Simultaneous connections with 1 subscription
  • Very suitable for streaming

Cyberghost has improved considerably as a VPN in the last year and it is expected that this will continue in 2019. Many more servers have been added worldwide and substantial investments have been made in improving the servers. You notice this in everything. Much less busy servers and therefore much faster connections. The connections are also very stable, which is nice when you use the internet intensively.

The software for Windows in particular has interesting options. Fortunately, the software for Mac is also good, as are the apps for smartphones and tablets. In addition, your privacy is well guaranteed at this company, it falls under the jurisdiction of Romania where no obligations can be imposed to collect data from users. In addition, no logs are kept.

And what makes this good service really attractive is the particularly low price. For a CyberGhost subscription you only pay € 2.75 per month if you take out a 16-month subscription!

3. NordVPN

  • Many security options such as dual VPN connections and VPN over Tor
  • Software and apps for all devices good and easy to use
  • Connect to a VPN with up to 6 devices at the same time
  • Very good value for money, the prices are very competitive
  • You can request a dedicated IP

NordVPN is known for the high degree of privacy and the good technical features of service. For example, NordVPN is based in Panama and says it does not keep logs. The price of NordVPN is also very reasonable, the prices are average. NordVPN offers a very good price / quality ratio. The software works well and the provider has many servers around the world.

This is also a good VPN for Netflix at the time of writing. The service seems to allow the servers to change ip quickly, so it seems that NordVPN is often one step ahead of Netlfix trying to block VPN servers. You also have the option to request a dedicated IP address from NordVPN. There is also a Smart DNS option that makes it possible to receive the Netflix offer from other countries.

Downloading with BitTorrent and other p2p services such as Usenet is permitted on the designated servers. Which servers these are exactly is easy to see in the software that NordVPN delivers. The download speeds were also more than excellent during the test. Downloading was quick and without problems.

Good apps and software are available for Windows, Apple, iPhone and Android devices. This software works very well. 

4. Surfshark

  • Very good software to use
  • Fast connections
  • Low price for such a good VPN
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN service that has done a lot of improvement lately. The software for all operating systems can be called really good and clear. The interface is designed so that everyone understands it while there are still enough options for people who want to set up a bit more. For example, you can set your preferred protocol. You can also determine which applications should use the internet outside of the VPN connection if you wish.

The speed of Surfshark is also good. We actively achieved a speed of over 100 Mbps with the VPN connection. A speed that is more than high enough for streaming HD movies and certainly fast enough for surfing the internet.

Downloading via BitTorrent is permitted via Surfshark’s servers. Other p2p services are also permitted via PIA’s VPN servers. Because Surfshark does not keep logs, it is ideal for people who want to increase their online privacy.

The best free VPN providers

Because a free VPN service is interesting for many people, it is also worthwhile to highlight the best free VPN service. As you will see, the free variations will have limitations.

In addition, we also want to warn about VPN services that are completely free without restrictions. If such a service is really completely free, it is often the case that you pay in a different way. In most cases this is with your privacy.


Windscribe simply has the most attractive free subscription. As you know, every free VPN service has its limitations, but those of Windscribe are very attractive; you will receive 10 Gigabytes per month for free. Compared to other free VPN subscriptions, this is really a lot. In addition, the software is good and your privacy also seems to be well guaranteed VPN VPN has been our list of free VPN services for a long time. This is the best free VPN service because you get 2 gigabytes that you can use every month and that you are not bothered by annoying advertisements. In addition, the service is good when it comes to technology and software. 


Tunnelbear has the interesting option to make free use of all the options that Tunnelbear has to offer. This way you can use a VPN connection via all servers. Of course there is a limit to the use of the free service, so with the free subscription you can only use 500mb per month via the VPN connection. 

For all devices

The aforementioned VPN services are the best choice for a range of different devices. That means that it makes little difference on which device you want to use the VPN service. The above have extensive and good software and apps for the most used devices and operating systems.

The great thing about this is that when you search for a VPN service that you want to use on different devices, you can simply choose 1 of the above VPN services and then you know for sure that it works well.

Best VPN app for mobile devices

All the above providers have an app for Android and iOS (used on iPad and iPhone ). We have extensively tested the apps of all the above VPN services and we can rightly say that they all work well and perform above average in terms of functionality. There is 1 provider who has made an app for the barely used Windows mobile operating system; namely Private Internet Access.

More options on Mac and Windows laptops and computers

Also for Windows and Mac OS X, broad support can be expected for the above VPN services. In most cases there are more options available on the PC and laptop than on the app from the same provider that you find on iPhones, iPads and Android phones. For example, in computer and PC client software there is a kill switch function in all cases of the best VPNs mentioned above. This will sometimes fall in with the mobile app. The same applies, for example, to being able to set the software to start automatically and make a connection when starting a device.

Best VPN for more exotic operating systems

In addition, there are also other platforms that are supported by our best tested VPNs. For example, some providers have an installation script for Linux Ubuntu, others have a clear explanation of how to use the VPN service on the router and yet another add-on and / or instruction on how to use the VPN on Kodi.

This means that you can simply assume that when you choose a VPN from our selection of best VPNs you can connect with your device to a VPN server of your chosen VPN provider.

Best VPNs suitable for download

The best VPNs mentioned above are all suitable for downloading content. We have paid attention to this by looking at the speed of the connections, which is of course very important when downloading. For speed it helps if the VPN service has multiple servers in the UK. Because the VPN servers are located in the UK, are they geographically close, does this have a positive effect on speed?

We also looked at the conditions for downloading the various VPN services to decide whether these are indeed the best VPNs for downloading.

The above paid VPN services all indicate that it is allowed to download large amounts of content, also via p2p networks. This means that the VPN services mentioned on this page allow you to download via for example Bittorrent. All these parties also indicate that they do not store any data about your data traffic, which means that it is not clear whether and what you have downloaded. This in combination with the fact that your IP address has changed makes downloading truly anonymous and download fines are prevented. In our opinion, this means that the above VPN providers are the best VPNs for downloading.

Choose the best VPN yourself

We have made this list so that most people can easily see what the best VPN is. So if you come for the simple question: “Which VPN should I choose?”, Then you are at the right place. It is of course possible that your requirements differ from those we have set for the most suitable VPN service. In that case you can find an extensive review of various VPN services on our compare page with the various VPN providers.

If you are going to investigate which VPN suits you best, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. Below is a list of things that we believe are important when choosing a VPN service.

  • Server locations; this has 2 reasons. If you travel a lot, it is handy if the VPN provider has servers in the vicinity of the places where you come. This is mainly due to the speed of your connection. If a VPN server is geographically close, the connection will be faster than if you connect to a remote server. In addition, servers at different locations are useful when circumventing geographical blockages. For example, if you want to watch geographically blocked content from Japan, it is important that the VPN service has a server in Japan.
  • Software and apps; it is important that the VPN service of your choice has software for your devices. For example, if you have a laptop and an Android phone on which you want to use a VPN, it is important that you choose the best VPN for both your smartphone and your laptop. Of course, this also applies when you are looking for the best VPN for your Mac, for example. In our reviews you can find out if the provider has made software for these devices and what the quality is.
  • Privacy guarantee: how reliable is the VPN service when it comes to your privacy. For example, is data from users logged (no log is better)? Under which jurisdiction does the VPN service fall, for the best privacy protection it is important that it does not fall within the jurisdiction of 1 of the so-called 9 eyes countries.
  • Speed ​​of the VPN connection: for the best VPN experience, good speed is always nice. But especially when you are going to download via usenet or bittorrent or want to stream a lot of HD videos, this is even more important.

Conclusion best VPN

This list is the result of our test requirements and we believe these are the best VPNs for the UK and Belgium. You may have specific requirements where your number 1 does not match our number. Perhaps, for example, it is very important that there is an installation script for Linux, or are you necessarily looking for a VPN provider from a certain country. However, the above list applies to most people when the best VPN is sought.

So take a good look at which VPN provider best fits your wishes and requirements. That is the way to find the best VPN for you. In addition, most VPN services have a free trial period so that you can try the service without risk.