AirVPN Review

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Speed - 8/10
Usability - 6/10
Price - 7/10
Reliability - 10/10

Features AirVPN

AirVPN is a VPN service that focuses very much on user privacy. This is not a surprise, the service is set up activists and hacktivists. This is done by the people due to the lack of really safe ways to tinker internet traffic. For example, they support VPN over TOR and VPN over SSL connections.

AirVPN falls under the jurisdiction of Italy. This country is not ideal in terms of privacy, since the government can request data and ask AirVPN to log certain matters. AirVPN indicates that they do not log anything about their users and that when the government requests this, they let it appear at the European court.

Below you will find the comprehensive review about AirVPN and you will discover what our experiences are with this VPN service.

AirVPN servers

The service has more than 226 servers in 19 countries. The capacity is more than sufficient to offer all active users a very fast connection. The servers are located in the most important countries when it comes to circumventing geographical blockages. You will also find a page on the AirVPN website that clearly shows which servers are available and how busy those servers are.

Because the service was set up by people from the hacking environment, the connections are really super stable. We have never had an unstable experience during the intensive tests that were needed to write this AirVPN review. The servers also have sufficient capacity, which means that you have a fast server available at any location, ideal if you want to view graphically blocked video streams. For example, to view Ziggo GO from abroad .

Security and privacy

As indicated, AirVPN attaches great importance to the privacy and security of the service. They indicate that they do not keep logs and that shared IP addresses are used. It is therefore almost impossible for websites to create a profile of you.

In addition, they have built in very strong encryption. It is a 4096-bit encryption that refreshes every 60 minutes. You can also set how often that encryption key is refreshed.

VPN over TOR and SSH

You can also choose to run the VPN connection over tor. In practice, this means that you can have your computer connected to the TOR network and then connect to an AirVPN server. In practice, this means that you can surf very anonymously and use the internet. AirVPN does not see your real ip address, you use the Tor network. In addition, you can pay anonymously with, for example, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, you can also choose to have your connection run through an SSL or SSH connection. In principle, your data will then be double encrypted. First through the VPN encryption and then through the SSH or SSL tunnel. The picture below shows how that works.

Kill switch

The AirVPN desktop client has the option of turning on a kill switch button. This option ensures that if the VPN connection is interrupted for whatever reason that no use is made of your own connection, the entire data stream will be disconnected from the internet.

This way you know for sure that data is only sent over the secure VPN connection that has been made.

OpenVPN only

AirVPN has chosen to only use the OpenVPN protocol. We think this is a wise choice because it is the safest option. OpenVPN is an open source protocol and is supported on a wide range of operating systems.

This also automatically means that you can use this service wherever you can use openvpn. Even if there is no official AirVPN client for your operating system. For example with Linux, iOS and Android.

Own DNS with leak protection

The AirVPN server have their own DNS. You therefore use the DNS server of the service itself so that nobody can see what you are doing through that channel. To be sure, a leak protection is built into the client. This security measure ensures that no DNS information is leaking. During our review of AirVPN, no DNS data was leaked.

Speed ​​AirVPN

The speed of the AirVPN servers is really great. You almost feel that it was set up by people with knowledge. We only delivered 1 Mbit / s at our original speed when we downloaded a 750mb file via a connection to an AirVPN server.

The experience with the speed of AirVPN is therefore very good. If you are looking for a fast service, you are at the right address with AirVPN.

Software from AirVPN

AirVPN has a client for Windows and Mac computers to connect to a VPN server within the AirVPN network. This client is called Eddie by AirVPN itself. This software is completely open-source, so you know for sure that nothing strange will be installed on your computer, because you can check it yourself with technical knowledge.

The settings for the Mac and Windows client are very extensive. And if you want to use the service on your Android or Iphone you will have to enter the settings yourself with an OpenVPN before you can use the VPN connection from AirVPN. The same applies to people who want to use the service via Linux.

What is striking about the clients that are available for your computer is that there is a lot to set up yourself. For example, you can choose yourself via which network protocol, udp or tcp / ip, you want to connect. In addition, you can also determine which port you want to use for this. Because some providers or other wifi providers have blocked certain frequently used VPN ports, this can sometimes be useful. Consider, for example, the Wi-Fi of NS trains, which have blocked certain ports.

Below you can see some screenshots of what the software, called Eddie, looks like. The appearance of the software looks something spartan, but it really works. The appearance really appeals to us.

Login screen airvpn

Selecting servers, blacklisting and whitelists


Nowadays an Android application is also available. This application is also called Eddie, just like the software on MacOS and Windows. The Android app works a bit more difficult at the start than that is the case with other VPN apps for Android . You have to download a configuration file that you then have to load into the Android app.

Downloading the configuration file and importing this file is fortunately clearly explained on the AirVPN website. This explanation makes it really easy to do this. Moreover, you only have to do it the first time. It is also nice to know that this is perhaps the most secure way to set up the app.


To use AirVPN on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to install a general openvpn client. AirVPN has not developed an app for iOS. There is a way to use AirVPN’s VPN servers if you want to use iOS device.

You can use the OpenVPN Connect app for the iPad and iPhone. This app provides an easy-to-follow explanation for setting up AirVPN via OpenVPN Connect on iOS. You can therefore use AirVPN relatively easily on iOS devices by following this explanation.

If you want an even simpler solution you can take a look at a VPN service that has developed an easy to use for all devices. Think of Cyberghost or ExpressVPN .

AirVPN on Synology

It is interesting for many people to activate a VPN connection on a NAS. Especially when people use the NAS and in particular the Synology Downlaod Station software for downloading, a VPN connection is important. With a VPN connection you can download torrents anonymously to prevent a download fine .

On the AirVPN forum there is a clear explanation how to set up an AirVPN VPN tunnel on your Synology. It is a simple step-by-step plan, so it is certainly possible to use AirVPN on your Synology.

AirVPN costs

The price of this VPN provider is good. You can purchase the service for different periods. The longer the term, the less you pay per unit of time. For example, you can use the service for 3 days for € 2, which would cost € 20 per month converted. But when you pay directly for 3 years you only pay € 2.75 per month. This is a good price for a VPN service such as AirVPN.

The price is on the low side compared to the other VPN services. There are even cheaper solutions, but this is not very different from each other. We also think that this price fits perfectly with AirVPN. The VPN connections are just as good as the privacy conditions. You simply get real value for money.

Torrent file sharing with AirVPN

The VPN provider itself clearly states that file sharing over the AirVPN network is permitted. The use of Bittorrent or other file sharing services is therefore permitted and is not prohibited on the servers.

As an extra you can indicate in the client area of ​​the website that you want ports conditions in order to achieve the maximum speed with your torrents. There are also detailed instructions on the website on how to set up the various bittorrent or other file sharing software to download anonymously as quickly as possible and certainly . For example, you will find information about setting uTorrent and Qbittorrent.

Port forwarding

As indicated above, with AirVPN it is possible as one of the few services to forward porting at no extra cost. This is particularly useful when you want to be able to access services or servers from outside your own network. For example if you want to be able to use your local nas when you are out of the house, or if you have a web server online, want to be able to view an ip camera and so on.

Netflix with AirVPN not possible

Where some VPN services manage to bypass the Netflix blockade, AirVPN does not succeed. Currently, all AirVPN servers are blocked by Netflix. So you cannot watch your favorite series via this VPN service. AirVPN also does not focus on bypassing Netflix VPN blockade. They indicate that they prefer to improve the VPN service.

If you still like to see videos of the American content, it is best to read our page American Netflix in the UK . Here you will find various services where you can stream Netflix via a VPN connection.

Kodi in combination with AirVPN

With the help of the OpenVPN addon for Kodi you can easily connect to an AirVPN server of your choice. This also makes it suitable for Openelec on a Raspberry Pi for example.

With this OpenVPN addon and a VPN connection to an AirVPN server, it is easily possible to view all streams on Kodi via a VPN connection. This way you can watch the streams anonymously. For more information about using Kodi in combination with a VPN, view our special page about Kodi with a VPN .

Conclusion AirVPN

AirVPN is a very secure VPN provider that has a strong eye for privacy and is technically very reliable. Certainly for the slightly more technical people, this is a perfect VPN service. Our experiences with an VPN account from AirVPN are therefore very positive.

The software is a little less easy to use than the software from other VPN providers, but this is partly due to the fact that there are just a lot of settings that you can adjust yourself. It is a pity that no apps have been developed for Android and the iPhone.

When you are looking for a very stable VPN service that respects your privacy, AirVPN is a perfect choice. If you are looking for pure convenience, you may have to look a little further.